–  The Bottom Line  –

I am very sorry to admit that my opinion of the Catholic Church and indeed all of Christian Churches is not very high.   I consider most of the Popes and Pastors  ‘blind, deaf and dumb’ as is most of the Western world when it comes to exposing and confronting the barbarian cult known as Islam.


But perhaps there is hope with the new Pope.

Pope Francis has a new secretary who speaks Arabic and has very clear words about Islam. It is no coincidence.

The new secretary, Father Yoannis Lahzi Gaido, is a Copt from Egypt, where Christians are a beleaguered minority who have had experience with Islam for 1,350 years. His realistic view of Islam lacks any Western gloss.

Let’s cross our fingers and pray that Father Gaido can influence Pope Francis and start exposing the truth and the reality of Islam to all those who are influenced by ‘the wolf  in sheep’s clothing.’

Pope - Gaido


The Pope’s New Secretary: Islam Is a ‘Culture of Death’

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