– US Government to Obama: You’re Supporting Christian Persecution –

– Obama Administration’s Plans to give Complete Power to Muslim Brotherhood –

The bipartisan United States Commission on International Religious Freedom has published a report on the state of religious persecution in various countries. Some of those singled out were Iran, which has imprisoned Christians for their beliefs; Egypt, where Coptic Orthodox Christians are under attack; and North Korea, an oppressive communist dictatorship which was also rated #1 for the 12th straight year on the Open Doors World Watch List of countries that persecute Christians.

The report hinted at the necessity of sanctions, pointing out that the Obama administration just approved a shipment of military helicopters to Egypt. It could have refused in order to pressure the Egyptian government to stop participating (yes, participating) in the oppression of Coptic Christians there.

Saudi Arabia, where no places of worship for non-Muslim religions exist at all, was also given tacit approval for its actions. President Obama made no mention of rampant human rights violations on his recent visit there, despite being petitioned by 70 Congressional members to do so beforehand. …

According to the International Institute of Religious Freedom of the World Evangelical Alliance, at least 75% of all violations of religious freedom are committed against Christians.

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