And it’s not getting any better…

–  The Bottom Line  –

How bad is it?  Well, when you tell your kids that they can’t watch the Disney Channel and Home and Garden TV, I think we all can agree; it’s pretty damn bad.  (Rod Serling’s America)

The latest is the attack on American tradition and values, aka attack on America, is HGTV actually cancelling a show because the two stars ARE CHRISTIAN AND THEY HAPPEN TO BELIEVE KILLING BABIES SHOULD BE AGAINST THE LAW!

Yes you read that right.  Now listen carefully as we define this absurdity for what it is:

In a country where the majority are Christian AND the majority DOES believe that abortion is an abomination, a prime time TV Network cancels a show because the stars believe the same as the majority of their viewers!

Wow, as I said before in Listen Up CEOs and Goodbye Disney TV

That’s it!  I’m filing suit next week against my college and I will demand a full refund of my tuition!  I graduated with a degree in business finance yet I was taught that in order to be profitable in business you must satisfy your customers, or at least most of them.  Well in today’s business environment it is the exact opposite!  Be it Target, Home Depot, Disney and others, these major corporations are supporting and indeed promoting the anti-family agenda of maybe 2% of their customer base at the risk of offending the other 98%! –

SIGN THE PETITION TO HGTV: Stop Discriminating Against Pro-Life Christians

HGTV Cancels Reality TV Show “Flip It Forward” After Learning Stars are Pro-Life

Posted on May 8, 2014 by by Steven Ertelt – HGTV has canceled a new reality television show, Flip It Forward, that was scheduled to debut on Home and Garden Television this October, after learning the stars of the show are pro-life.

During the program, brothers David and Jason Benham would be helping families purchase dream homes they otherwise couldn’t afford.

hgtv“In each episode, the guys help a deserving family find a fixer-upper and transform it into their forever home – with a healthy dose of sibling rivalry between the brothers along the way,” HGTV says in a summary of the show.

Yesterday, the network confirmed it was dropping the show, saying on it’s Facebook page: “HGTV has decided not to move forward with the Benham Brothers’ series.”

However, Home and Garden Television has decided to cancel the show after pro-abortion activists outed the brothers as pro-life. The pro-abortion group People for the American Way tagged the brothers as “anti-choice” extremists in an article on their web site and includes comments one of the brothers made about God abhorring abortion: …

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