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Here’s a brief and bottom line article by Joseph Farah about why the ‘Right’ aka ;conservatives, Americans, traditional people, patriots, etc. keep losing to a minority of anti-Americans.

Mr. Farah is as usual spot on about his assessment but he is more diplomatic than we could ever be here at ‘The Bottom Line Guy’.   Upon review of this ‘short & sweet’ article, what he is really saying is that the ‘Right’ are cowards and wimps who are playing minor league softball against a Major League baseball team.  The ‘good guys’ on the Right would rather keep turning their cheeks than to fight back or even offend any one!  Pitiful…


What’s wrong with the right

Exclusive: Joseph Farah explains what GOP leadership lacks for success

Posted on August 29, 2013 by Joseph Farah –

Have you ever wondered why the political left is so successful at getting its way despite its status as a perpetual minority constituency?

The left is many things – immoral, deceptive, dishonest, brutal, selfish, proud, arrogant. But is also undeniably determined and effective.

I think I can help you understand why because of my history as a former leftist.

The left never worries about fighting seemingly unwinnable battles. They understand that persistence pays off over time. What may seem like an insurmountable obstacle to victory today takes care of itself a year or two down the road.

A good example of how this works in the real world is the issue of same-sex marriage – or, as the left calls it, “marriage equality.” A mere decade ago, the very idea of same-sex marriage would have prompted the overwhelming majority of Americans to burst out in laughter. But the left kept pushing it – not only through the political channels and the courts, but, more importantly, through the press and entertainment industry, the schools and universities and all of the powerful cultural institutions they control and dominate.

Today, as a result, a notion that seemed preposterous a decade ago is a reality today.

The left didn’t look at the polls and get discouraged. They looked at the polls and got determined. They went to work. They pushed the envelope. And they changed people’s opinions. They took a beating the first 31 times the citizenry of most states rejected their ideas. But they never gave up. They never threw in the towel.

Now, how does the right promote its agenda? …

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