Liberal Reporter Beaten to Near Death by his Muslim ‘Friend’ – “‘I thought you were my friend,’ I told him. ‘No friends,’ he replied, shooting me twice in the ankle just to have the satisfaction of crippling me.”

Muslims Send Christians To Reeducation Camps To Be Severely Beaten And Forced To Convert To Islam – In the Muslim nation of Malaysia, Muslims who convert to Christianity are sent to reeducation camps where they are severely beaten and coerced to return to Islam

Muslims kill 118 at bus terminal and market in predominantly Christian part of Nigerian city – the latest in a series of attacks that has the country reeling. The detonation of …

Muslims Attack Two Catholic Nuns, So Viciously That They Have To Be Sent To The Emergency Room – One of the nuns, Sister Juliana Lim, was found to be in critical condition and sent to the Seremban Hospital. The other nun, Sister Mary-Rose …

Muslims Murder Twelve Year Old Christian Girl – A Muslim terrorist in Nigeria detonated a number of bombs in the Christian section of the city of Kano, murdering 20 people, including a twelve year old Christian girl.

Muslims Slaughter 166 People, Mutilate Their Bodies, Burn Down Their Homes And Praise Allah – They killed thirty people in the village of Shawa, 18 people in Alagarno and Bulakurbe, and another 118 in the Christian area of Jos.

American Muslim Beats His Wife And Murders Her For Not Cooking Him a Goat – A ‘moderate’ 75 year-old muslim man is using the defense that it is customary in Pakistan to beat your wife, implying that such beatings should be allowed in the U.S.

Muslims Butcher Thirty One Innocent People, Mutilating Them And Burning Their Flesh – The Muslims butchered thirty-one people and injured over ninety people. One witness heard a dozen large explosions, as opposed to just one

Muslims Seize Twenty Nine Poor Farmers As They Till Their Fields, And Execute Every One Of Them – Islamist group Boko Haram shot dead 29 farm workers as they tilled their fields in remote north-east Nigeria

 Brooklyn: Muslim killed wife for cooking lentils for dinner instead of goat – A Pakistani immigrant beat his wife to death in their Brooklyn home after she made the mistake of cooking him lentils for dinner instead of the hearty meal of goat meat that he craved


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