Nigeria: Muslim group seeking sharia kills 1,000+ in 2 months, incl 173 teachers Mr. Dare Ilekoya, has said no fewer than 173 teachers have been killed by the violent Islamic sect…

 750 Churches Burnt by Devout Muslim Boko Haram – 

Muslims execute 50+ fans watching World Cup in Kenya and Nigeria – THEY came with death in their hearts and bombs strapped to their bodies, to slaughter 74 innocent soccer fans as they watched the World Cup.

This is IslamMuslims Order Christians To Close Down Their Churches, And Say That If They Open Them Up, They Will Burn Them Down – 

 ISIS Holds Festive Public Execution in Syria Complete With Music and Small Children in Attendance (GRAPHIC) – The point-blank execution shooting of the two men was capped off by enthusiastic shouts of “Allahu akbar” and the crucifixion-style tying up of the slain men

Muslims Order Christians That They Must Pay $250 Or More, Or Else The Christians Will Be Slaughtered



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