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This Week In Islam – Headlines From Hell

Muslim Persecution of Christians, February 2014 [1]

Pakistani couple killed by family for marrying without its consent [2]

Couple hacked to death by bride’s Muslim family [3]

9 people crucified by ISIS in Syria [4]

Muslims Break Into Churches, Butcher And Slaughter Thirty Christians, Burn Many Churches And Put The Homes Of Christians To Flames [5]

Muslims Attack Christians And Bulldoze Church [6]

Muslims Enter The Home Of Christian Family, Take The Mother And Her Daughter, And Then Three Muslims Gang Rape Them In Front Of Her Husband [7]

Watch How This Muslim Woman In A Hijab Bashes A Man To Death With A Hammer, And How A Muslim Teen Stabs Man In The Head [8]

Muslims Make A Official Declaration That They Will Invade The Vatican [9]

Seattle Muslim Targets and Murders Homosexuals [10]

 This is Islam [11]





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