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This Week In Islam – Headlines From Hell

Muslims Storm Inside Church, And Kidnap Two Christian Priests And A Nun [1]

CAUGHT ON FILM: Muslims Brutally Torture And Beat Innocent Woman [2]

MAJOR NEWS Muslims Destroy The Tomb Of The Prophet Jonah, The Prophet Seth, And Burn Down 11 Churches [3]

Muslims Murder Christian, And Put A Bible On His Corpse In Order To Mock Christ [4]

This is IslamMuslims Kidnap 53 People, Blindfold Them, And Butcher Each And Every One Of Them [5]

ISIS Crucifies Young Men For Leaving The Peaceful Religion of Islam [6]

Hamas song: “Fire your rockets… blow up Tel Aviv!” “Victory is from Allah” [7]

Muslims Take Hundreds Of Underage Christian Girls, Film Themselves Brutally Gang Raping Them Over And Over Again, And Then Butcher Them. One Christian Girl Curls Into A Ball And Begs For Mercy [8]









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