6 For the purposes of applying this schedule with respect to conditional sales contracts, subsections 2 and 3 apply contrary agreements without prejudice. (1) A provision of an agreement or other document by which – 1) Section 2 requirements, paragraph 2 of the main law (which sets out the requirements for leases) and the requirements of Section 3, paragraph 2, of this Act (which sets out the requirements for credit-sale contracts) apply to the lease-sale contract, not to a note or memorandum of such an agreement; (d) to judge, for each party, an amount which, in view of the discharge to be granted by the Tribunal (if any), is the responsibility of that party in the context of the agreement; and (a) enter into a lease agreement with a tenant with respect to the property; or (1) A person may not enter into a lease agreement in the country as an owner or on behalf of the owner, unless no less than 24 hours before – (3) Failure to comply with this section with respect to a lease-sale does not avoid the agreement. (f) any person who acts on behalf of the landlord in the context of a lease-sale agreement or as part of a negotiation leading to the conclusion of the tenancy agreement, must be treated as an agent of the tenant or is declared agent of the tenant; or cannot be exercised unless the copy of the agreement has been forwarded to the tenant or purchaser, but not within seven days of the end of the contract; and no jurisdiction of the Tribunal under this reserve applies to a requirement imposed under paragraph 3 or paragraph 4 of this section. (a) the agreement contains a statement and a provision that the condition under this section is excluded for these goods and (c) if the minimum amount of the surety is not required for the purposes of paragraph (d) – 25% of the cash price of the goods in the agreement; or ” (3A)If, in the context of a lease agreement, goods are leased as second-hand goods and – c) T represents the time (expressed in years and fractions of years) that elapses between the time set by or under the contract for the production of the first tranche and for the realization of the last tranche, more – (2) If the nature of the goods contained in a lease-sale , or facilities available on the premises or premises of the owner or at the place indicated in the agreement, so that it would not be possible to return the goods to the place, the tenant may terminate the tenancy by returning the goods – 21. If the tenant is declared in default or authorizes the installation of these machines and equipment in the execution of a decree or a court order or recovery of government expenses, or when a beneficiary is appointed by the court or by a creditor, this agreement on the performance of such an event ends. (2) Subject to judicial exceptions, all parties to the contract and each guarantor are associated with the action. 5 (1) Where goods have been sold under a conditional sales contract and ownership of the goods transferred to the purchaser is transferred to a person who, under the contract, does not become a purchaser. the purchaser is no longer authorized to determine the contract under Section 4 of the main law.

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