2) If, in the first point, the purpose of the credit establishment is to obtain a specific accouting entry (such as the debit demarcation account and the delimitation credit provision), why can`t the same accounting item be reached by a debit count? 1) Why a credit/credit requirement is created when a manual demarcation is made. The structure of the credit application and finally the credit is to lend to the customer. But we don`t give any recognition to the customer, we only manually increase the details. So why is a req/Credit Memo credit established for manual demarcations? These are released each time the agreement is finally concluded. For your case, I suggest here, if you want to pay a one-time payment to your customer, regardless of the actual sales volume, you should book a manual payment. Go to VBo2 > pay > discounts. To start from the manual demarcation screen, you can follow Goto`s payment data path, which will take you to a summary screen showing the cumulative demarcation and payment information for this discount agreement. Once the relevant billing documents for discounts have been processed, you can check the sales volumes on the VBO2 screen. Just follow the Discount Payment menu – Sales Volume. The level at which the details are displayed depends on the verification step you have set up.

Setting-2: After establishing the agreements, the system calculates the deductions from each applicable invoice and updates these discount limits in the rebate agreement to see that few invoices are established. My main problem is that we have written agreements that have a computational period, for example 01-2E01-2E2006 to 31-2E12-2E2006 for 20 and #160; but we signed a new one at 30 2E08-2E2006 for 21-percnt;, i need the period that I don`t have the new agreement and I don`t: update the new percent to manually insert the limit for 1-percnt; or the system automatically restore the difference-2E Is there a way to avoid keeping the difference on the table? In your case, as there is no amount run in the discount system, this error is triggered, as Amit explained, if you want to create a credit manually, you have to put the negative “-” sign before the amount. Arrangement Calendar A schedule of arrangement defines the end of the validity period for a discount agreement and also helps to extend the discount agreement to the next period. SAP makes available the RV15C005 report for the extension of discount agreements to future periods. You can access it with the transaction code VB (D. Hierarchy rebate): It allows conditioning games for a client`s node/hierarchical hardware or only according to hierarchy. Here are the types of discount agreements in SAP SD: There are improved margins due to valid discount and price calculations.

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