Gross wages include a tally for days off. As a result, student assistants have days off. Wages are based on the CAD and conditions are adjusted if the OAC (collective employment contract) or the conditions can be changed. In 2020, the student`s salaries are auxiliary: the appointment of the student assistant also requires that you be re-moved to Euflex. You must do this once before your first appointment as a student assistant. Please note the following procedure: Members of the UvA Team are covered by the agreements stipulated in the collective agreement of the Dutch universities (CAO NU). The collective agreement of the Dutch universities (CAO NU) applies to all direct workers of the University of Amsterdam. UVA has also introduced a number of additional regulations and regulations on topics such as educational institutions and additional holiday options. For student assistants, UVA has specific rules on the duration and scope of their appointment.

For more information, see the regulations below and articles 10.1 to 10.4 of the OAC. Student assistants can play a role in both education and research within a capacity group or department of the IE-IS faculty. Only students who have graduated as a propedeuse or students who can present a certificate of propedeuse and who are registered as students can apply for a student assistance service. Students who have an interest in becoming student assistants can send their VITAE CURRICULUM to the secretary of the capacity group or department of their interest. Students interested in a student assistant in education management can send their CV to Ms. Frederieke Baas-Kappe on the Zilveren Kruis website of Group Health Insurance (in Dutch) Zilveren Kruis general health insurance website. This directive ensures that all UVA employees receive at least 70% of their last salary in the event of partial disability. Employees also have the option of purchasing full disability insurance with a discount on UvA. All UVA collaborators interested in research and research have an individual responsibility to aerating the standards and values of academic integrity. The University of Amsterdam supports the Dutch Code of Conduct for Academic Practice, which describes the principles of academic integrity. As a UVA employee, you built a pension at the ABP. You can, to some extent, decide freely when you retire.

The longer you keep working, the higher your pension. You can also benefit from part-time age work, but this must account for at least 10% of your working time. . The UvA offers a number of provisions that make it easier for your work and private life to match. Options include parental leave, additional leave for unpaid activities or savings for sabbaticals. For more information, see Work-Life-Balance. As a new UVA employee, you will receive an employment contract. Before you start working, your O.P. department plans an appointment to explain the conditions of employment. They discuss with you your salary, the nature and duration of the contract and other important aspects. You will also receive information about UvA systems and how to use them. You are asked by the O.P.

department to provide the information and documents necessary for the formal conclusion of your employment contract. Salary scales depend on your training, level of knowledge and experience.

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