The debt note should clearly specify how the money is repaid to the lender. Depending on the structure of the debt security, the borrower must, for example, repay the lender until a certain date (known as the “maturity date”). If there is no date or the date has already passed, it is “payable on request” or “on request.” All refund options are available in the table below. Greetings sreekanth. I have a unique precision. I have been married for 25 years and it was not a happy couple life. We have two daughters, one 22 years old and the other 16 years old. I`ve had a lot of problems. My financial clarification is that my husband has 3 properties (2 independent and 1 apartment) that are in his name.

I have earned most of my life as a couple and I have not saved a single rupee in my name. All 3 properties were purchased in the form of LIC loans and 2 loans were entered into, with the exception of the flat loan. That`s what I want to know. 1. I have characteristics. 2. I have a share if he plans to sell one of his real estate properties for the education of our children. Education costs will only be partially compared to the overall sales thinking. What percentage will be my share. 3.

What is the way to proceed if he refuses to give my share? Thanks to shrikanth sir, a year and a half ago, my friend was in trouble. I`ve arranged 10 lakes from my other friend for him. I took checks and promised sorry note of the same amount. now my friend asks for the total amount and a person I gave will not come back. My friends gave me a month to pay the full amount. Taking into account, I have both the change of sola and check with Whats Chat App to prove it has my money. can I get the full amount of legal root in 1 month? Sir answer, please. But tax benefits under section 24 of the Income Tax Act can be invoked in the form of a tax deduction on interest paid on loans. The main criteria are: “The loan should not be used for personal use.” In general, you should use a change of funds for simpler loans with basic repayment structures and a loan contract for more complex loans.

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