To date, the government does not even pay a dollar of interest and capital on the assets of the Indonesian people, in accordance with the agreement reached between JFK and President Soekarno by the Green Hilton Agreement. According to reports, the United States is simply taking advantage of the fact that the G-20 agreement in the United Kingdom, which included Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY), signed an agreement to provide financial powers to the IMF and the world of the World Bank to look for alternative sources of financing. Legend has it that the Vatican has ordered aid to Indonesia. The IMF`s potential $2.7 billion in aid to Special Drawing Rights (SDR) entities for the middle of last year was the implementation of this agreement, so there is a growing problem that this aid should not be returned. The Green Hilton Memorial Agreement is a contract that excites the world. The treaty is said to have led to the assassination of US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK) on 22 November 1963. In 1963, Sukarno cancelled the contract and transferred the gold management rights to US President John F Kennedi (JFK). JFK welcomed this and recalled that at that time, the United States was mired in massive debts after being involved in the world war. The Green Hilton Memorial Agreement was an agreement between America, represented by John F. Kennedy, and Indonesia, represented by Sukarno, and a representative of Switzerland William Vouker. In that agreement, the United States agreed to recognize that Indonesia`s gold wealth was 57,000 tonnes of gold.

After his death, the Jewish banking cartel transferred the gold guarantees under the supervision of the Office of International Treasury Control (ILOC) to the central bank`s global accounts, and then the agreement became controversial until the Sukarnos affair by the new movement of the order dominated by the CIA and the appointment of Suohart as the new President of the Republic of Indonesia. It is also because of this agreement that it would have led to the fall of indonesian President Bung Karno, after the infiltration of other CIA networks in Indonesia. With Suharto`s ideals, it was a treaty that is still the greatest secret in the history of the world. Under this agreement, almost all Indonesian presidents are too busy not to have time to verify and prosecute it. Indeed, the powers and responsibilities of the Federal Reserve are not the U.S. government, but in fact controlled by its private Jewish bankers. Therefore, if the U.S. government wants to print money, the government must lend loans to Jewish bankers with high interest rates as collateral. The U.S. government then committed itself to President Soekarno for gold gold – gold, which had been used as collateral by Jewish bankers, moved to America.

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