Washington, D.C. – Today, ConsensusDocs is releasing the new standard master subcontract between the designer and subcontractor, and the Standard Project Work Order. The new standard master contract (ConsensusDocs 755) allows parties to negotiate once the standard terms of their employment relationship, and then issue several project work contracts (ConsensusDocs 756) without having to negotiate specific legal terms. Terms and conditions dealing with conditions such as compensation, termination requirements and dispute resolution must be negotiated only once. Project-specific concepts, often negotiated by project field staff, as well as insurance and commitment requirements, are taken into account in the project`s employment contract. ConsensusDocs` standard construction contracts are the only written contracts supported by a coalition of major design and construction industry organizations. With a catalogue of more than 100 contract documents for all project presentation methods, ConsensusDocs contracts include a fair distribution of risks and best practices to defend a project`s interests. The coalition organizations together represent hundreds of thousands of design professionals, owners, contractors, subcontractors and bonds. For more information, please visit www.consensusdocs.org, call 866-925-DOCS (3627) or support@consensusdocs.org by email. Joe McAllister, General Counsel for Hughes General Contractors in Salt Lake, Utah, led the ConsensusDocs Subcontractor Working Group: “For many reasons, including the increased use of alternative project implementation methods and subcontracting pre-qualification procedures, the use of master subcontracts has become the dominant practice in our market, so these new ConsensusDocs subcontractor documents will be very useful to us and we plan to use them frequently.” This new subcontracting includes the terms and conditions between a designer (AKA GeneralUnternehmer, Builder, Site Manager) and a subcontractor. This subcontracting document is coordinated with the ConsensusDocs 756 ConsensusDocs Standard Project Work Order Agreement, which provides project-specific information for the project sector, for example.

B price and insurance requirements. Agreement 755 allows the designer and subcontractor to negotiate once their contractual terms, and then establish areas of subcontracting without having to renegotiate conditions that do not change between projects. This is more effective because a general contractor and a subcontractor often enter into contracts on several projects. The basic subcontract is committed to establishing subcontracting conditions for multi-phase project projects with different subcontracting areas. different projects with the same owner and different projects with different owners. The commonality that is required is the same parts for the designer and subcontractor, as well as the desire to maintain the same conditions between these parties. The terms of the 755 and 756 correspond to the terms set out in consensusDocs 750`s latest standard subcontracting agreement.

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