TPIs, which operate in the energy market, do so under a large number of business models and serve a number of consumers, from residential customers to large consumers. TPIs are not subject to direct sector regulation in the same way as Ofgem`s energy suppliers. They are regulated under general consumer protection rules and have, in some cases, signed voluntary agreements on their business practices and interactions with consumers. If there is a problem, would you prefer to correct it to low or high frustration? Securing your energy contracts through an IPT will reduce your stress and frustration. If a problem arises, your IPT should be your first call, you will talk to a real person, someone whose name you know, someone who knows your account before and who knows your facilities and needs. Compare this to the alternative: if you go alone with the provider, you are breathing deeply because you are about to enter the “helpline hell” zone. Instead of dealing with a TPI, you`ll spend time pressing `1 for billing` 2 to read the counters, etc. If you are talking to a human representative, you may not provide your last name, email address or direct phone number to call you back. Suppliers-Helplines can sometimes lead to a serious removal of hair. Don`t go bald, call a serious IPT instead, your hairdresser will thank you! You would not sign a contract in a foreign language without translation or advice from a trusted party.

It`s the same for energy contracts, so don`t do it alone. As energy contracts are becoming more and more complicated, some of which are very complex language, it is a good idea to have someone who monitors your contracts, who is fluent in “Lingo energy” and terminology. Besides, do you really have time to read all the fine print? Some CT providers are 50 pages long, full of microprinting and legal language. In fact, with constantly fluctuating prices, a sentence can be removed until you can read all the fine print on a contract. A good TPI will cut the paperwork for you and draw your attention to important issues such as volume tolerance, termination clauses, etc. Over time, TPI services have increased in the UK gas and retail electricity markets.

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