A license, contrary to relief, is authorized by the owner – the licensee – to enter his country for specific purposes. Unlike the ease, the license can be revoked at any time. For example, if you buy a ticket to a theater and you are not dressed properly, the Facility Manager may refuse your entry because it can revoke your ticket. A license also ends with the death of the licensee or licensee or if the donor sells the country. Although a license is as a relief, a license is therefore not a burden on the property and is not transmitted with the title. If an agent manages the sale on behalf of the seller, you pay the down payment to that agent, who must keep it in a trust account until billing, or transfer it to the seller`s or intermediary`s trust account. The purchaser of the land contract will probably not have a defence against a case of eviction, since it would have been necessary to defend himself in the event of forced execution. COMPOUND INTEREST – Interest calculated on the principal amount plus accrued interest. TOWNSHIP – A land used in the national land description survey system, which is 6 square miles and contains 36 sections of 1 square mile each; and consists of 23,040 hectares. Can the government purchase land on behalf of a third party? The owner of the land subject to the intervention can either sue for damages or have the structure that extends over the lines of the land removed or cut out. However, the owner of the invasive structure may have relief by prescription if the time of the intervention exceeds the time prescribed by national law for prescribed relief. Are there any restrictions on whether land interests can be transferred to a foreign entity? LEASE – A tenancy agreement is both a contract between the landlord (owner) and the tenant (tenant) and a transfer or wear of the premises by the lessor to the taker. A lease agreement is a contract in this position that indicates the agreement between the parties.

UPSET PRICE – A minimum price set by a court during a court seizure, under which the property cannot be sold by a court designated as a mission officer at a public auction; the minimum price that can be accepted for the property after the court has had the property assessed. DENSITY – A term often used in the context of zoning requirements, i.e. the maximum number of building units per hectare or the number of occupants or families per unit of land (acre, square mile, etc.), in general, the ratio between the area and the area of improvement. MONUMENTS – Visible markers, both natural and artificial objects, that are used to determine the lines and limits of a measurement. In the case of a private sale, you can negotiate with the seller to make the sale depend on certain conditions, such as: VOIDABLE.B. – A contract that seems valid and enforceable on his face, but which must terminate one of the parties who acted under a disability, para. B example minor or under duress or unreasonable; which can be avoided or cancelled, but which, in itself, is annigible. AMENITÉS – characteristics, both tangible and immaterial, that enhance and complement the desire of real estate. CUL DE SAC – A street that is open at one end and usually has a circular turn; A cul-de-sac. JUDICIAL FORECLOSURE – A method of locking up real estate by a sale under judicial control.

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