Fill out a request form for a connection We will then check if the new distribution link, called “Plant Declaration”, is necessary to strengthen the transmission network. The Small Embedded Generation and National Grid guidelines allow small generators and other interested parties to understand National Grid`s involvement in distribution connections and understand what a new generator can expect from the SOW process. We don`t deliver or break. If you have any questions about an internal connection or meter, please contact your network manager. With the 25 per cent rule, we would propose 3.56 per cent. The FRAND rule is basically more interesting for the licensor, but there are some problems or concerns. At the beginning of a project, the risk is much higher than when progress has been made and the project is moving towards commercialization. Investments made at an early stage with a higher risk should be more rewarded than investments made at a later stage where the risk is much lower. If a licensor has invested everything and can offer a product ready for sale to a licensee, the full operating profits should go to the licensor in accordance with the FRAND rule. The licensee will certainly not be satisfied with such an agreement. In practice, in this case, a split-profit agreement is often concluded.

For European countries, the imbroglio of bilateral agreements has become so unbearable that in 1997 they resorted to the pan-European system of cumulation (PEC) and stretched it to Turkey in 1999. The system reconciled the various bilateral pacts into a multilateral agreement. Since 1999, a coat that is 50% Hungarian, 30% Polish and 20% Turkish has been counted 100% at European level. Granstrand and Holgersson (2012) argue that fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory licensing terms for potential licensees should be based on the alignment of ROI rates for the parties involved. In principle, the proceeds of a licence transaction should be distributed among the parties concerned in relation to their respective investments. FRAND may apply to situations in which a single licensor and an individual licensee must be considered, but also in cases involving multiple licensors and licensees. For a bilateral agreement, the following formula may be used: as a general rule, no monitoring contract is required for national premises. .

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