The Participants agree to record in writing all mutually agreed outcomes and sign them as a true record of what they have agreed upon as a result of the relief and intend to implement them informally or through a formally concluded binding agreement, with or without joint or separate legal advice. [They also agree that the document containing the agreed results shall be recorded immediately after the end of the moderation…….. An ADR clause leaves both parties in control and provides them with a simpler opportunity to settle a dispute before judicial or arbitral proceedings. It also offers the parties a constructive approach that goes beyond stalled or ineffective negotiations. All Participants agree to abide by the terms of this Agreement, in particular the confidentiality of the process, and have signed below to confirm their consent. 6 The parties understand that the Mediator does not give legal advice and agree that they do not assert claims against the Mediator in the context of mediation. The parties shall not accuse the Mediator as a witness or require him to present as evidence any recordings or notes relating to mediation, dispute, arbitration or any other formal proceeding resulting from their dispute or mediation; Nor will the Ombudsman appear as a witness, expert, arbitrator or adviser in such a trial or agree to act. Where a party makes such a request, that party shall fully compensate the Ombudsman for all costs in which they will incur as a result of the opposition and/or response to such a request, including reimbursement at the Mediator`s standard hourly rate for the time spent by the Ombudsman in resisting and/or responding to such a request. As part of our non-profit mission, CEDR offers standard clauses for alternative dispute resolution (ADR) contracts in more than 20 languages that can be downloaded free of charge to reflect best practices and evolving mediation requirements. We use our knowledge of the 3,000 disputes we handle each year, for all ADR processes and in particular for the 400 major case mediations, where the average cost of each claim is well over £1 million. .

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