21.- (1) An advertisement in which a person proposes to grant or arrange credit must include, where an interest rate is mentioned, a clear and clear indication of the effective annual interest rate, using a representative example where no other means are practicable, and no other interest rate shall be included in the advertisement. 4. Paragraph 1 shall not apply to an application submitted less than 4 weeks after a previous application under this Subsection, which relates to the same credit agreement which has been complied with. (c) the borrower is not entitled to a reduction in income tax or to any other advantage which the creditor has not granted in the context of or in the context of turnover(4) in the case of credit agreements which contain conditions which allow for a change in the interest rate and the amount or amount of other costs included in the actual annual interest but not quantifiable at the time of its calculation; the annual rate of charge is calculated on the assumption that interest and other charges will remain fixed and will apply until the end of the credit agreement. Variability should be reported in the same way as the effective annual interest rate. (II) unless they are informed in writing, that each of those credit institutions concerned be confirmed in writing as soon as possible thereafter, and 149. – 1. Each credit institution shall inform the Director, within three months, of all fees it collects in connection with the provision of services to a customer or group of customers. These legal differences may lead to distortions of competition between creditors in the common market. 32.- (1) Before entering into a contract for the sale of goods, the seller must communicate the price in cash to the potential buyer in writing as in the contract. 10.

The Director may exempt a credit institution from the reporting obligation referred to in paragraph 2 in respect of all charges negotiated individually with the credit institution by a customer or group of customers or on behalf of a group of customers of the credit institution. Art. 70.- If, under an instalment purchase contract, goods of each category or description are leased to a trader who negotiates goods of that class or description and the merchant sells the goods when he is supposed to act in the course of normal activity, the sale is considered as if the merchant were expressly authorized by the owner to proceed with the sale: (f) a credit agreement other than a credit agreement managed by credit card; in the event that no interest is calculated, provided that the consumer agrees to repay the loan in a single payment, or 80. – If goods are leased to a tenant under a rental agreement, the person who conducted the previous negotiations is considered a party, if any, and this person and the owner are jointly and severally liable to the tenant for the breach of the contract and for any false statements made by this person regarding the goods during the previous negotiations. (a) the lender and the potential borrower fulfil their obligations under the contract; (b) ensure that persons who lend or lend are subject to control or control of their activities by an official establishment or body; or 5. The above provisions apply to a rental agreement entered into by a person acting as an intermediary for the owner in connection with a transaction, as it applies to an agreement of the owner, unless the owner does not rent as part of a transaction and the tenant knows that the appropriate fact or measures are taken: to inform the tenant. before the agreement is concluded….

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