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September 11, 2001 – Who Cares….

– The Bottom Line –

This is not a day of remembrance for America – it is a day of celebration for Islam.

Sounds pretty cynical. And it is; for those who refuse to face the reality of that day and the 12 years since. Here are a few 'realities' for them to face – just in case they decide to move out of the land of Oz and return to the real world;

On September 11, 2001 19 MUSLIMS shouting ‘Alluha Achbar’ attacked America and butchered over 3000 Americans who were just beginning their work day.

imagine-wtc-sm [1]

WTC_PofManhatten! [2]

Since that day the cost in dollars, grief and lives is incalculable.

World Trade Center anniversary: What did 9/11 really cost?
Estimated cost of post-9/11 wars: 225,000 lives, up to $4 trillion

Who_cares [3]

Now take a serious look at where we are at 13 years later. Here are just a few realities that define how we "Remember 9/11" and vow "never" to allow it to happen again:

In 2008, just 7 years after 9/11, Americans voted for a man whose formative years were spent outside America learning in Muslim 'Madrassas [4]' That man, who swore his allegiance to Muslims [5], is now the President of The United States

There are now twice as many Mosques [6] in America than before 9/11

Muslim Brotherhood holds positions [7]within The White House

Muslims have just about wiped out the Christians [8] in Iraq after over 4000 brave Americans (mostly Christians) were killed to give this Muslim nation 'freedom.'

A Muslim, whose Islamist leanings were well known, was advanced in rank in our MILITARY. He killed 14 people at a MILITARY BASE yelling Alluha Achbar.

Our soldiers fighting and dying against the enemy can not desecrate or defame the Koran and must respect the very ideology of the enemy they are at war with!

The Obama endorsed Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt continues to burn churches and butcher Christians with not a 'peep' from America who continues to send BILLIONS of dollars in 'Aid' to help support these Islamists.

Muslims burned our Embassy in Libya and killed our Ambassador and 3 brave Americans – there was NO help sent to them AND there has been NO punishment or even arrests by the 'American' administration.

America/Obama has helped Islamists in Libya and Egypt and now wants to bomb Syria to help Islamist 'rebels' in their fight to oust a secular leader [9] and replace him with an Islamic State!

Need we go on?????

One of the most pathetic pages that I've ever Googled is the one I looked up for this Post; 'Remember 9/11 [10].'  It is just so very sad to see America 'saying' how they will remember and never forget this atrocity yet after taking a glimpse at the short list above, the picture becomes painfully clear; it's just lipservice that helps comfort a people who not only refuse to defeat this enemy, they won't even call him by his name.   

This is Islam [11]So when someone utters those words 'Remember 9/11', it's OK to cry.  But the tears will be for another reason. Let's pray that Americans will wake up and come to their senses before it's too late…

Jihadis Celebrate 12th Anniversary Of 9/11 [12]

911 [12]See Also

9/11 remembrance: Spitting on their graves [13]


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