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Happy Easter
Perhaps the most important and influential three words in any language - ever. On this day righteousness and sacrifice became the foundation for Christianity and....
He Reigns
Caution: Removing the music and words of this video from your heart and mind may cause emotional distress... Great Beat - Great Melody - Great Words.
~  Insanity is voting another lawyer into office! ~

Assad Visits Christian Village
A President who loves and respects his country and the Christian people. "Nobody can erase our cultural and human history" Syrian President Bashar Assad said ...
Obama, True To 'His Faith'
By now most know that Barrack Obama is a pathological liar. A poster child for narcissism. Most also have come to understand that he is a Muslim because ....

This Week in Islam
Islam is very easy to understand. One need only to read the headlines. Here's this week's linked list of just a few headlines by the followers of Mohammed: ...
~  We Need Leaders - Not Lawyers! ~

Proud To Be Homophobic And...
Yes. You can quote me on this. I am a homophobic and I am an Islamaphobic and of course I am a Racist. I tend to have phobias against any and all things that may ...

TSA Agents Pat Down 2 & 6 Year Old
Add another one to Rod Serling's America. So this is the answer to 'War on Terror'. Increase the number of Muslim immigrants, increase the number of Mosques,.....

A Lawyers 'Business'
Like most people, lawyers are in business to make money. The differences however represent the very cancer that has been metastasizing for decades and if not stopped will destroy America....

~  Voting for another lawyer is the same as changing chairs on the Titanic! ~ Website

The New Annual Democratic
Why stop at 'Gay' Pride Month?
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These websites and newsletters are dedicated to serving the ' John Does ' of America who feel their efforts and vote are not doing any good and things are just getting worse.   Yes, there is an easy way in which each and every John Doe can re-establish America's foundation and the greatness that was built on it.   GLOOG is the surgical tool that every American can use to rid our country of the cancer that has spread.

It is 'The All American Weapon',  It is Simple  &  It is Powerful:  It is The Ballot Box.

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