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Add another one to Rod Serling’s America.

So this is the answer to ‘War on Terror.’  Increase the number of Muslim immigrants, increase the number of Mosques, support the Muslim Brotherhood and last but definitely not least: elect a Muslim for president!   WOW!  Guess we showed those 9/11 terrorists and all Islamists not to mess with America…

All I can say is that I refuse to leave this earth until I am allowed to escape this parallel universe and return to the country known as America…

TSA gave full-body pat-downs to a 2 year-old …

Posted on April 22, 2014 by Snejana Farberov – A video has surfaced online showing what appears to be a pair of Transportation Security Administration officers giving two young children full-body pat-downs in a U.S. airport.
The one-and-a-half minute clip was shared by user khanzahir100 on YouTube last Friday.
In the description of the video, the man wrote that two TSA agents subjected his two-year-old son and six-year-old daughter to pat-downs because he had been selected – ‘as usual’ – for a security check due to his name.      Scroll down for video


The video begins with the young boy nervously moving away from a male TSA screener as he starts to perform a full-body pat-down, gliding his gloved hands down his legs.
The clip continues with the couple’s daughter in a pink blouse and grey tights standing barefoot on a mat in front of a kneeling female staffer.
The blonde, bespectacled woman methodically feels her back with her palms, then brushes her buttocks with the back of her hand and inspects her legs. …


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