–  Homofascism  –

The Assault on Family, Culture and Civilized Society


– The Bottom Line –

An Open Letter to ‘The Good Guys’

Dear Pope Francis

A Classic Video – Bravo Arsenio Hall

They Have No Shame

You’re Not F__king Serious Are You?

The Symbol of The Homosexual Movement?

Target Stores – The End of An Era

J. C. Penney – ‘Turning In His Grave’

Congress to Mandate Pro-Homosexual Education?

Christians Forced to Endorse Homosexual Agenda

Sick & Tired of the Perverts

Lawyers Celebrate Homosexual ‘Marriage’

It’s Time for the Military to Go On Strike

Don’t Ask – Tell

Cancers on Society

Mother Nature’s Take on Homosexuality

Patriotism, out! Homosexuality, in!

Same Sex Marriage – Are You Serious?


Fascism is not hard to recognize.  Like Islam the homosexual agenda leaves no doubt.  And like Islam, there is no debate or extensive research needed.   No need to even read the whole story.  One need only to read the headlines.  So here they are



A Partial List of Assaults – Just In The Last Decade

Homosexual activists charge the medical establishment with “homophobia” for reporting that people living the homosexual lifestyle have a much higher prevalence of HIV and other STDs, and yet using that very same information to complain the group’s health issues are ignored.  

California Governor Signs Bill that Mandates Gay History Lessons in Public Schools





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