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Let's start off by a simple review of the reality of the subject at hand.  Let's look back at when we all spoke English without the Politically Corrected version.   You will see by the writings of this author that some of us still do speak English and refuse to accept the distorted PC versions mandated by the ideologues be they queer, atheist, whores, lawyers, or otherwise. 

Now in case you have been asleep since for the last 3 or 4 decades, what has happened is, in the PC version, 'the homosexual community' 'came out of the closet.' 

Now if you grew up back when most of us were honest and had thick skin, in the days where "sticks and stones can break my bones but names will never heart me", then you will understand the reality of what has developed as delineated in real 'English'.  'The homosexual community' is PC codespeak for sexual perverts.  'Coming out of the closet' is PC codespeak for sexual perverts wanting their immoral perversion to be publicly accepted so their guilt is minimized.  

Well not only did they 'come out of the closet' but now they march naked down main street flaunting their perversion and fornicating right in full view of our children.  And they want us to educate our children to be just like them!

There is are no bounds that these SOBs  will not cross because there are no bounds to the guilt within them; the natural guilt that Mother Nature nurtures in all civilized human beings that defy Her laws.  They can have their opinions and their wants and desires, but they can not change the laws of nature.  The only thing they can do they are doing, and that is to minimize this uninvited guilt by getting more people to accept them and to banish any mention or even thought of the reality of their perversion.

So with this in mind, you can 'Take this to the bank': 

Homosexuals, queers, lesbians, gays, fans of buying poppers Amazon online or whatever you want to call them, in their impossible effort to feel pure, will not stop their quest to make everyone just like them.   Once they were allowed to 'leave the closet', their 'war on their inner guilt' began and it will not end until civilized man wakes up and realizes what a monumental mistake was made when he allowed 'the closet door to open' and unleashed this cancer on his family and on civilized society.  

If Sodom and Gomorrah is acceptable, then we need do nothing.    If we wish that our children and posterity live and enjoy a world as we have, with the blessings afforded by Mother Nature's foundation of love and family,

then we must STOP 'going along with the program'

We must stop with the pc bull crap;  they are queers and homosexuals, they are not 'gay.' 

We must end any attempt to allow any of their propaganda in our schools, all grades. 

We must demand that the media stop giving so much time and attention to a deviant narcissistic group that in reality amounts to a miniscule percentage of the population and that 'we the people' do not want in our living rooms.  

We must say no with our wallets to companies like Home Depot and Starbucks who support and promote immoral agendas that fly in the face of American values and 90% of their customers.  

We must show them and treat them as they have treated us, with no respect and with contempt. 

We must ridicule their perverted desires and mock them for what they are.  

Yes, we must discriminate against them at every turn  as we do any deviate that shows no consideration for his neighbor and defies the morality and laws which hold us together. 

Sound pretty drastic?  Then just take a moment and contemplate what your society will become if they are allowed to continue their agenda.   These actions are nothing new.  Societies have had to do these and more for centuries to protect their children and their way of life. 

And finally we must insure that these SOBs go back to the closet,

and this time we need to nail the door shut…


Here's another example of the homosexual agenda's relentless pursuit in demanding that everyone approve of their perversion:

Christians forced to endorse homosexual agenda?

Posted by Eugene Delgaudio on 4/5/2012

A local printshop in Lexington Kentucky is facing the full hatred of the radical Homosexual Lobby.

Hands On Originals is a small apparel company owned and operated by devout Christians.

But when they unwittingly bid on and won a job to produce t-shirts for a local homosexual event, they felt it would send an inappropriate message.

It was only after winning the job that the owners learn that the t-shirts were covered in pro-homosexual propaganda

…and they just couldn’t go through with the order.

Co-owner Blaine Adamson told the press that his Christian company would never agree to support the Homosexual Agenda.

But in an act of good will, Hands On Originals arranged for another shop to handle the order for the very same cost.

But this was not good enough for the local homosexual activists.

You see they refuse to accept that the majority of Americans disagree with their lifestyles and agenda.

The group behind the t-shirt, the Gay and Lesbian Services Organization immediately filed a complaint with the government, charging the Christian apparel company with hate crimes. …

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