–  The Bottom Line  –

Unbelievable!  Two out of three  Three out of four TV Christmas movies we watched had homosexuals as part of the storyline!  WTF do I have to sit and explain this to my kids in a Christmas movie???   And every night we have to sit and watch LHBT commercials where brain dead Hollywood types tell us we need to support this unnatural selfish lifestyle inferring that if we don't then we are the 'bad guys.'  

Then there's the military.  The last bastion of American class and character.   Congress just passed a provision in the Defense bill that now allows sodomy and get this, bestiality!

Haven't these damn perverts invaded enough of our everyday lives?   Haven't they infected civilization enough with their AIDS and their perverted sexual needs and lifestyles?  This 1% of the population is telling everyone to accept this affront to nature.

Will they not stop until all of us are queers?   The answer is no.

The reality that no one dare mention is that this group of sexual perverts is so adamant and so outspoken because of their guilt which is so embedded and so powerful.  They will not stop this proselytizing of civilized people until they no longer feel that guilt that Mother Nature stirs up deep inside every one of them, which means never.  

So the answer is NO, they will not stop.  But the real question remains; How long will decent people allow this infection to spread until they finally get fed up and lock the closet door again…. 


p.s.:  To all the queers who may comment;  Save your breath.  Your game of name calling,  rationalizations and guilt trips does not play here.   The PC bullcrap you rely on is a dangerous rhetoric which is unacceptable in a civilized society.

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