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I’ve always said that I was going to sue my college for a refund on my tuition.  Here’s another example of something I totally cannot understand even though I have a degree in Finance from a reputable  business school;  Someone please explain to me why the CEO’s of these big companies cater to what amounts to about maybe 1.5% of there customers while alienating the other 98.5%??

Here’s a Post by Charlie Butts on one such company:

PIC    Charlie Butts – OneNewsNow – 8/10/2010

Home Depot, which is currently targeted by a national American Family Association boycott, seems to have a problem with its dress code.

Home Depot fired Christian employee Trevor Keezor who wore a button reading “One Nation Under God” to support his country and his 27-year-old brother who is serving in the military in Iraq. AFA spokesman Randy Sharp offers this observation:

“If you’re a Christian or a patriot and you want to wear a patriotic button, that violates the corporate policy — but if you’re a homosexual and you want to wear an apron with pro-gay buttons and homosexual messages, and wear them in pride parades and gay and lesbian film festivals, those are approved by the Home Depot,” he states.

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