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Forget about the bible, forget about what Jesus said, forget about what any religion says and definitely forget about what these weird, selfish homosexual ‘people’ say.  I’m being generous labeling them people.  The word people is commonly used to describe ‘human beings, as distinguished from animals or other beings’.  It’s the ‘other beings’ that fits the bill in this case but let’s be generous for now and just say they are homosexuals.  Not ‘gay’.  Thank God , as of this writing, I am gay, my kids are gay, and most of the time my wife is gay! (Webster’s Dictionary:  Gay – adjective  – 1 a: happily excited : merry <in a gay mood> b: keenly alive and exuberant : having or inducing high spirits )No wait!  I take it back.   We can’t just call them homosexuals because there are some people that we need to call homosexuals that care about others and about family, about children, about common decency and what’s best for our society now and in the future.   They may have a ‘perverted’ sexual desire in that they like sex with their same gender, but perverted is OK as long as no one is hurt and you don’t try to force others to accept and allow your perversions to creep into their homes and their society.   So we need a name for those homosexuals that only care about their own pleasures and don’t give a dam about you, your children or society.

Don’t want to label them ‘queer’ or ‘sick’ or ‘queens’ or ‘dykes’ or  anything approaching a derogatory name.  How about lets just label them as they are.  Since they don’t care about others or society they are indeed Selfish.  And since the term ‘ people is is commonly used to describe ‘human beings, as distinguished from animals or other beings’  we can’t use people because the word ‘human’ implicitly suggests one who has feelings and concerns for others welfare.  So let’s use the label as suggested from the dictionary; ‘Other Beings’.  So there we have it, Selfish Other Beings or for expediency, SOBs.

OK then back to the subject at hand.  It was one thing for those SOBs to come out of ‘the closet’ and demand everyone just go along with their game.  It was one thing for those SOBs to be parading up and down our streets  indignantly displaying their vulgarities for us and our children to witness.   It was one thing for those SOBs to flaunt their lifestyle s on TV, the movies and at Beauty Pageants.  And it was one thing for those SOBs to demand that our schools educate our children to accept and even endorse their perversions.  As if indoctrinating our children is not bad enough, now they are demanding that we disregard thousands of years of civilized societies tradition and make marriage available between them!   That’s right, the hell with our most sacred institution.  The hell with our God and his bible upon which this country was founded.  The hell with the cornerstone of our society.  The hell with family values.  The hell with common decency.  The hell with our children’s welfare.  And even the hell with Mother Nature.   Their sexual perversions are more important!!   WOW.  I’m starting to think calling them SOBs is way to nice.

My wife keeps asking me to explain why this great country, built on a Judeo – Christian foundation, would let this happen.  As with the ‘tolerance’ towards an enemy that wants us dead,  the Americans, and most of them are Christians, have become ‘weak and stupid’.  The ‘turn the other cheek’ axiom has become destructive to our culture and to the very future of civilized society.   Wake up Good Guys.  No more ‘turning the cheek’.  It’s time to slap back.

Here’s Joseph Farah’s Take:

The Great Marriage Debate

by Joseph Farah on September 9, 2010

Marriage is a union between a man and a woman. It will always be so. Were there times in the past, and even in the present in some other cultures, that stretched the definition to permit polygamy? Yes. But, as Jesus put it, “from the beginning it was not so.” Was there a time when close relatives married? Yes. But as the human race became fruitful and multiplied, it became unnecessary and frowned upon. Has homosexuality been around for thousands of years of recorded history. Yes. But at no time did any civilized society have the audacity to redefine marriage as a union between people of the same sex – not even Sodom and Gomorrah went that far.

There’s a reason for that.

It will spell the death of that civilization faster than will a broken economy, tyrannical leadership, illegal immigration, unsustainable debt, high taxes, government corruption, even child sacrifice – all terrible ills we currently endure.

No self-governing society can exist without marriage. It is the building block of civilization. And it is facing its most dire attack yet in America today.  …..

Justice Antonin Scalia warned about this a few years ago in his Supreme Court dissent in a case that overturned sodomy laws in the state of Texas. He explained that when courts overrule the will of the people on matters of sexual morality, they ensure that laws banning same-sex marriage, bigamy, polygamy, incest, prostitution, masturbation, adultery, fornication, bestiality and obscenity would all fall by the same misguided legal logic.  ……

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Here’s David Kupelian’s Take:

Open letter to conservatives who back same-sex marriage

Posted by David Kupelian on September 06, 2010

….  Now, fast-forward to America’s founding: It’s no accident that this nation has flowered more than any other in world history. But that didn’t happen, my dear “libertarian-leaning conservative” friends, because the founding generation resented government, wanted lower taxes and wanted to be left alone. No, America flowered because it was steeped in a faith-based morality and a love of freedom that were wedded together into a rare and priceless alloy the world had never seen.

This is exactly what Alexis de Tocqueville, the famed French political philosopher, found when he toured America during the early 19th century when the republic was young and vibrant – and not yet infested with “progressive” termites boring away at our institutions and faith. In “Democracy in America,” published in 1835, Tocqueville described with admiration and astonishment what he observed during his travels here:

The Americans combine the notions of Christianity and of liberty so intimately in their minds, that it is impossible to make them conceive the one without the other … Upon my arrival in the United States, the religious aspect of the country was the first thing that struck my attention; and the longer I stayed there, the more did I perceive the great political consequences resulting from this state of things, to which I was unaccustomed. In France I had almost always seen the spirit of religion and the spirit of freedom pursuing courses diametrically opposed to each other; but in America I found that they were intimately united, and that they reigned in common over the same country.

If America’s unique magic was combining, as Tocqueville said, “the notions of Christianity and of liberty” to produce the greatest nation in history, today’s libertarian-conservatives seem to have lost sight of half of that winning combination – the God part – vainly imagining that freedom alone is the answer.   …..

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