Target releases ad featuring same-sex ‘married’ couple

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What the hell are these CEOs drinking?  Here we go again.  This time it's Target, outright dissing over 90% of their customer base by promoting the destruction of the family unit which is, that's right; their customer base!  

The only thing that can explain such stupidity could be that these CEO's don't really care about the future of their companies.  In this age of rewarding without merit, these  CEOs are destroying companies and flying away on a golden parachutes. ????? ???? ????   Golden parachutes designed to reward the CEO in spite of his stupidity and destructive decisions.

Well whatever the reason, it signals and end of an era for this retail giant.  I have no problem with them wanting to go after the 2% of the population that flaunts their homosexuality.    Just hope they understand that the other 98% of us will more likely not be aiming our dollars at this Target again. ????? ??????

Target releases ad featuring same-sex ‘married’ couple

Posted by Katie Craine on Mon Jul 30, 2012

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota, July 30, 2012 ( – Target is promoting their wedding registry with a focus on homosexual “marriage”. A new ad released last month depicts two men holding hands with the slogan, “Be yourself, together. ????? ???????

The retail giant has angered both pro-family and pro-homosexual activists as they have apparently flip-flopped in their approach to same-sex “marriage”.

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