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Can you even imagine that a group of anyone would be cheering and shouting in celebration of a law that legalizes the ‘marriage’  between a man and a man or a woman and a woman???   (Oh Wait!   Then again Lawyers Did Pray for Bin Laden! )         

Marriage is not even the term.  Yet as usual, the lawyers and their perverted clients have usurped a more acceptable word to replace the disgusting reality of their perversion. (does ‘GAY’ ring a bell?)

So let’s begin with a selection of terminologies that more realistically and more honestly describe what members of the ‘Scum of the America Club‘, the N.Y.State Bar Association, were cheering for.

How about:  ‘Homosexual Unions’ or  ‘Anti-Life Unions’ or ‘Pro-Aids Partnerships’ or Anti-Civilized Society Unions or ‘Perverted Partnerships’ or Anti-Family Relationships, or etc, etc.  Any one of these is more acceptable to anyone who speaks and understands English.

Notice the word marriage is never used in the above.  This is because I refuse to insult your intelligence.  Everyone with any brain cells and above the age of 2 understands what marriage means.  But lawyers, progressives, queers, and most anti-American propagandists realize that in order for their perverted or anti-American arguments to be even slightly entertained, they MUST insult your intelligence and do it so often that you yourself begin to be confused.   I must hand it to them, they have been very successful and this is why they have brought us to ‘the brim.’  See ‘The Marketing of Evil by David Kupelian’

Back to the main subject of this post.

Any decent civilized person who reads the article below would not believe his eyes.  It is something that most Americans just 10-20 years ago would think it’s the script from a Twilight Zone Episode.   The exception would be anyone who follows GLOOG and the GLOOG Blog site.  They would realize that it is perfectly understandable that lawyers would be cheering the legalization of ‘gay’ ‘marriage.’  To most lawyers, right and wrong is an easy concept to grasp; ‘The Right Thing’ is anything that creates the most billable hours and ‘The Wrong Thing’ is anything that does not.

Google ‘Divorce’  and learn about the destruction of the family and then Google ‘Divorce Industry’ and learn about how much money lines the pockets of lawyers every year thanks to divorce law.

Legalizing homosexual unions produce a whole new arena of lawsuits.  It is ‘The Right Thing’ and therefore something for lawyers to cheer about.

Just about every line of this despicable article ‘says it all’  about how out of touch, how degenerate, and how ‘soulless’  most lawyers have become.    To give the devil its due though, they are second only to Islam in the propaganda arena.   Just check out the Title of the article!!  

“…Celebrate Historic Passage of Marriage Equality …”

This my friends is how Propaganda is DONE. The words that make up the title to this article set the agenda before even one word is read.  These words are so ‘positive’ and invigorating’ that it makes what in reality is a despicable perversion into what becomes a great celebration that everyone should join with!

You can now read this garbage and clearly understand ‘the bottom line’ and see why it is so important for America to VOTE & GLOOG.

New York Lawyers Celebrate Historic Passage of Marriage Equality Act
Posted by Jeff Storey on June 24, 2011

News that a “marriage equality” measure was headed toward passage Friday night was greeted by cheers and shouts among members of the New York State Bar Association House of Delegates attending the organization’s summer meeting in Cooperstown.

After a week of nail-biting negotiations and appeals to conscience, the Senate voted, 33-29, to give final approval to a bill, A-08354,  that recognizes gay marriage in New York. The proposal passed with the support of every Democrat but one and four Republicans. Govenor Andrew M. Cuomo immediately signed a measure that he had made one of his top priorities.

“This is great news for all New Yorkers,” Stephen Younger, the immediate past president of the state bar, said in an interview after the vote was announced. ….

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