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“Just this week another pastor and I met with a young wife and mother of three children whose husband decided after 15 years of marriage that he is a woman. He filed for divorce and simultaneously filed for a name and gender change. Imagine her and those precious children’s devastation at having a six-foot, 200-pound “daddy in a dress” come pick the kids up from school.”

I’ll wait while you throw up….

Had enough of the queers, whores, lawyers and bleeding heart brain dead liberals that now run the USA?   I forgot to add atheists but then again you can’t be any of the above  unless you are an atheist, admit it or not.

Well you have to ‘give the devil his due’ ;  even though they are clearly winning, they remain relentless in their mission and their goal to destroy this nation’s Judeo Christian foundation.  And they will leave no stone unturned.

If there is one last bastion of  The Character, The Class, and The Glory That is/was The United States of America, it is America’s military. A group that represents the very best kind of character, commitment and sacrifice that built this country.   So as they have done with the nation’s culture, they are intent to divide and conquer this proud body with their subversive ideologies and immoral and unnatural lifestyles.  And as always, the smoke and mirrors and the propaganda are in full force to give credibility to their amoral demands.

Don’t be mislead by the disgraceful media that presents this callous position as meritorious and a human rights issue.  Does anyone actual believe that homosexuals really want to join the military to fight for their country?  Frankly, if I were a homosexual, being in the military would be like ‘a kid in a candy store’  or better yet; like a  pedophile signing on as a Boy Scout leader.    I’m sure there are a few exceptions to this rule, as there always are.

Their Modus operandi is indeed consistent.  First the lawyers infiltrate and seize the ‘legal’ high-ground.  Then the ‘gay’ movement moves in to spread their demented lifestyle and force acceptance on the normal people thus making the queers feel ‘less queer’ and therefore more normal.

It’s all about Mother Nature.    Homosexuality is in direct defiance of millions of years of a natural evolution.   It is unnatural and the queers know it.  They will never admit this but deep in their gut it can’t be denied;  Mother Nature is there to stir up the massive guilt that this defiance of Her laws generates.

And so the obvious effort is to infiltrate and once again force their despicable lifestyle on the rest of us.  (Same Sex Marriage – Are You Serious?)   They have done a hell of a job thanks to the weakness and gullibility of a ‘lets just all get along’ society and a despicable like minded media.

It’s time for us all to defend our military and to defend decency and Mother Nature.   It’s time we become shepherds, not sheep.   It’s time to Forget about ‘don’t ask don’t tell’.   It’s time to say Go To Rehab or Go To Hell…

Here’s Dave Welch’s Take:

Will the last masculine institution fall?

Posted by Dave Walch on December 4, 2010

….   The wildly successful campaign to secularize our culture, our government (including schools), the arts and now our churches has brought us to the point where in much of the country we are arguing about what defines male and female. The old demand for boys to “Be a man!” is not only passé but offensive, because being a man means you can now dress and live like a woman if it is what you feel like – and vice versa for women.

DADT is not really about military effectiveness as much as about unleashing the demonic aggression that is now teaching kindergartners about condoms and gender identity full force into the last “masculine” institution that represents the essence of right and wrong. If homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals and the gender confused are allowed to “serve openly,” then they are given carte blanche to demand equality and acceptance at every level of military policy.

The failure of the Christian and Jewish clergy in this nation to fearlessly assert the clarity of moral truth based on God’s unchangeable standards has brought us to this final frontier of takeover by amoral activists who will then use the military to turn their venom against God directly toward those of us who have not bowed to their agenda.

….  Passive Christians and, most egregiously, passive pastors are the greatest problem, and the only remaining question is whether we will find enough males who are men in pulpits who are willing to take the risk of being branded and ridiculed by our opponents for daring to speak truth.  ….

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