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It’s despicable, it’s sickening, and it’s suicidal.

Homosexuals initiated one of the world’s most deadly diseases and yet everyone goes out of their way to endorse this perversion and indeed give them special privileges that most ‘normal’ people wouldn’t have the nerve to even ask for.

It is a disease much older than AIDS.,  It is responsible for over 270 MILLION deaths since it began some 1400 years ago.  It is Islam.   A cult of delusional losers that love death more than life because they are such a failure here on earth that they have to count on the next life to bring value to their empty souls.

Both are perversions of civilized society that disguise themselves as a way of life that we should respect.

Both are subcultures that demand that we put aside our God and Mother Nature in the name of tolerance and to accept their self serving and deadly existence as they spit in our face every chance that they get.

So we are supposed to raise and donate money to fight AIDS so that these perverted degenerates can sodomize each other and parade down our streets giving blow jobs to each other ‘safely’.

So we are supposed to let this subhuman cult of losers come into our countries and our neighborhoods knowing full well that their goal is to dominate us.  Knowing full well that at any time and any place they will literally butcher our family in the name of ‘Allah’ and celebrate as our body parts lie in the bloody streets graphically illustrating the subhuman mindset of Islam .

Islam and “The Gay Movement” are cancers on society.   How about we start raising ‘awareness’ and money to rid these two diseases from our world?

Here’s Sandy Rios Take:

The protection of gays and Muslims reigns supreme

Posted by Sandy Rios on  December 2, 2010

An openly homosexual soldier, angry with the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy and allegedly hurt by a breakup with a boyfriend, has just leaked massive amounts of state secrets. By leaking those secrets he has risked the lives of fellow soldiers as well as contacts worldwide working to defeat America’s enemies.  …

But Gates’ ear is tuned to a commander-in-chief who has no knowledge of military matters. President Obama knows nothing about military strategy but is full of knowledge and enthusiasm on all things homosexual. He is an unabashed champion of “gay rights” and must now fulfill a campaign promise. …

PFC Bradley Manning entered the military under the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy and yet we know he had openly declared himself gay on Facebook, linking to homosexual advocacy groups and displaying himself in photos protesting the military policy at Gay Pride parades. The London Telegraph reported he was considering a sex-change operation. So Bradley Manning was able to commit his treason precisely because the military under Obama and Gates did not enforce the law. The consequences will be enormous as Manning perpetrated the greatest leak of national security in the nation’s history.

And he leaked the documents BECAUSE he was gay. He was upset by the official policy and allegedly upset by a breakup with his lover. Did he leak them because he was emotionally unstable from hormone treatments? Hormones always precede cross-gender surgery.  …

Does anyone remember Dr. Nidal Hasan? The Ft. Hood shooter was an openly Islamic jihadist. Writing…speaking…e-mailing his hateful venom while no one dared speak of it because Muslims are the other protected class. Better to let 13 young soldiers be shot than risk ones’ reputation by pointing out the obvious. His co-workers and military superiors were scared to display “Islamophobia” and make other Muslims “feel” bad. It is the same with Manning.  Better to risk weakening the American military than to mention the current danger we find ourselves in was caused by a gay soldier. The safety of our nation be damned…the protection of gays and Muslims reign supreme.  …

The details of the case of PFC Manning should be shouted from the floor of the House and Senate and from the studios of every major talk-show in the nation. But they won’t be. Politicians and pundits are afraid. They are concerned they will offend producers and staffers who are gay. Better to allow men to die than be thought “homophobic.”  …

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