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                                  ~   July 2014 - No. 2  ~                             The Bottom Line
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Exposes the Real Cancer on America

4 Page Expose!
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What a Life...
And What An American. His name is Louis Zamperini. If he is not the poster child for an All American than there are none. I saw him on Leno in 2012 and was shocked just...
A Unique Video
Here's a short video with a new slant on the reality of our nation's foundation' it's heritage and the beliefs that contrary to what some would have you believe, are still prevalent...
~  Insanity is voting another lawyer into office! ~

Signs of the Times
It is said that a "A picture is worth a thousand words." Of course that phrase is pretty old and since now we are living in Rod Serling's America, we need to update it...
Lawsuits Take Swings Away From Kids
"We're disabling our swings to keep us out of the courtroom" says Schools superintendent William Smith. "...the kids are losing everything that is fun about being a kid,"...

Bravo State Senator Richard Black
It's so refreshing when I discover anyone, especially a politician, who really gets it about Syria. The landscape these days is riddled with ignorance in just about every political area....

~  We Need Leaders - Not Lawyers! ~

The Latest "DUH!" Headline
This just can't be true. Do they really expect us to believe this? There is no way, the poll is definitely wrong! I mean just add up the facts over the last 6 years. Makes no sense unless ...

Islam This Week - Headlines From Hell
According to all four recognized schools of Sunni jurisprudence, war against the infidel goes on in perpetuity, until "all chaos ceases, and all religion belongs to Allah".....

Soccer - The Bottom Line
The conversation would always end up with the debate about two things; which sport is really "football" and why soccer is so popular around the world and not in the U.S....

~  Voting for another lawyer is the same as changing chairs on the Titanic! ~ Website

The New Annual Democratic
Why stop at 'Gay' Pride Month?
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These websites and newsletters are dedicated to serving the ' John Does ' of America who feel their efforts and vote are not doing any good and things are just getting worse.   Yes, there is an easy way in which each and every John Doe can re-establish America's foundation and the greatness that was built on it.   GLOOG is the surgical tool that every American can use to rid our country of the cancer that has spread.

It is 'The All American Weapon',  It is Simple  &  It is Powerful:  It is The Ballot Box.

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