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Exposes the Real Cancer on America

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Yes - The Fountain of Youth
By the early 2020s, we will have the means to program our biology away from disease and aging. Tremendous Article with some great news for our future....

Thought You Heard It All?
It never fails with these sub-humans. Just when we think we've heard it all, they find a way to debase the human existence once more...
~  Insanity is voting another lawyer into office! ~

America Embarrassed Again
An 'Embarrassment-in-Chief'. What a shame. There is no end to the scars this man will leave on America's history. Personally, my frustration with this unqualified narcissist...
The Apollo Moonshot of Incompetence
Greg Gutfeld is at his best here with this clip about Obamacare..."$300 million to sign up 24 people. This is government math." Classic quotes all in this one short video clip ...

Liar in Chief - Case Closed
It's a real shame that the sycophants and sheeple of America just refused to see his most obvious lie right from the very beginning. ...

~  We Need Leaders - Not Lawyers! ~

The Myth of Nelson Mandela
The whole world, pretty much, is mourning for Nelson Mandela today. But most are not mourning for the real Mandela. They are in fact mourning for the myth...

Judge Orders _______________
As the title suggests: just fill in the blank. The hell with tradition, Natures laws, God's Law and of course The U.S. Constitution. They are in total control and they fully realize this. ....
What The Hell Is Going On Here!
This is so unbelievable that Rod Serling would have a hard time getting his hands around this concept! Let's make this analogy as simple as possible. Imagine that ....
~  Voting for another lawyer is the same as changing chairs on the Titanic! ~ Website

The New Annual Democratic
Why stop at 'Gay' Pride Month?
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These websites and newsletters are dedicated to serving the ' John Does ' of America who feel their efforts and vote are not doing any good and things are just getting worse.   Yes, there is an easy way in which each and every John Doe can re-establish America's foundation and the greatness that was built on it.   GLOOG is the surgical tool that every American can use to rid our country of the cancer that has spread.

It is 'The All American Weapon',  It is Simple  &  It is Powerful:  It is The Ballot Box.

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