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An  ‘Embarrassment-in-Chief’.   What a shame.  There is no end to the scars this man will leave on America’s history.

Personally, my frustration with this unqualified narcissist has evolved into an anger with the 65 million ‘Americans’ aka useful idiots, who voted him back for a second term.    Shame on them:  “Fool me once and shame on you,  fool me twice and shame on me.”   In a perfect world they would lose any rights to vote again.    Their obvious ignorance or concern about Obama’s 1st term failed record and the disregard for the seriousness of their vote poses a threat to the country and the American way of life.

Here’s the latest embarrassment from the Narcissist-in-Chief .  No regard for the brevity of the occasion.  No regard for the bereaved family and those mourning at the funeral.  And of course, no regard for the dignity of his office or the face of America.  It is all about himself.  Every decision he makes is what he wants and has nothing to do with what’s good for Americans or the country.  He is indeed the most pathological narcissist in American history, and that’s saying something!

Obama mandalaObama taking a selfie at Mandala’s Funeral

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