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Happy New Year 2014
It is the most important word in the English language. The one word that covers everything. You need not wish for anything else. And so on this first day of The Year of ...
Great Football Story
The Tear-Jerking Story of Alabama Star Quarterback's Chance Encounter With a Disabled Student at a Bus Stop - And What Happened Next...
~  Insanity is voting another lawyer into office! ~

This city is amazing. It's a must see if only to witness what has been done with so much of the money that you've pumped into your gas tank the last 50 years...
LBJ - Indeed
The more I learn about LBJ and the more we witness the 'fruits of his labor', I can say without reservation, that on November 22, 1963 the wrong man was killed in Dallas ...

Suicidal: Educating The Enemy
Anyone who by now still doesn't recognize that Islam is the enemy of humanity is simply in denial. With the never ending stories of Islamic atrocities around the world..

~  We Need Leaders - Not Lawyers! ~

*GRAPHIC* Videos: Islam
Children Play "Behead the Enemy" - The Taliban playing soccer with severed heads. What else can be said about these sub-humans teaching their children to be ...

SHAME on the Christian World!
Three American Teachers Slaughtered for Christian Faith Latest Massacre of Syrian Christians Covered Up in the West. Today Christian homes and churches....
'Greatest Scandal in Military History'
"How could we lose more men in one mission than in the entire history of the Navy SEALS, and no one has been held accountable for it?" Of course the answer to....
~  Voting for another lawyer is the same as changing chairs on the Titanic! ~ Website

The New Annual Democratic
Why stop at 'Gay' Pride Month?
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These websites and newsletters are dedicated to serving the ' John Does ' of America who feel their efforts and vote are not doing any good and things are just getting worse.   Yes, there is an easy way in which each and every John Doe can re-establish America's foundation and the greatness that was built on it.   GLOOG is the surgical tool that every American can use to rid our country of the cancer that has spread.

It is 'The All American Weapon',  It is Simple  &  It is Powerful:  It is The Ballot Box.

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