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There is always those who will give the Bad Guy the benefit of the doubt.

The protesters outside the prison walls.  The lawyer working pro bono so that the terrorist who has confessed to murdering thousands of people, has his ‘rights’.   The ‘forgiving’ allowing pedophiles out of prison.  The ‘compassionate’ demanding rehab for the criminal instead of jail.  The ‘right to choose’ demanding the poor girl be allowed to kill that baby fetus so that her and whatever man she wants are free to F_ _ k again without any responsibility.

And last and most dangerous; The ‘tolerant’ who believe Islam is a great religion that just needs a little reform.  Fourteen hundred years of Islamic atrocities and conquest.   270 million murdered in the name of Islam.  And it is as if these numbers and 1400 years of history don’t even exist.

There is only two things possible for Islam and reform is not one of them.  Civilized society has to decide whether to rid the world of Islam or to be dominated by it.   To extinguish the murderer or be extinguished by him.

Such a simple choice to make:

Islam (Submit) or Freedom.

Better decide soon.  Time is running out.

Here’s an excellent article focusing on the fallacy of reforming Islam:

How to Reform Islam

Posted by Daniel Greenfield on December 6, 2009

There is no discussing Islam without discussing the Moderate Muslim. Like the Tooth Fairy or Santa Claus, the Moderate Muslim is often a topic of conversation, but rarely has much to say about himself. And even those who note that the Moderate Muslim is somewhat less in evidence than the Dodo or the Mammoth, turn instead to the project of reforming Islam.

It is of course possible to reform Islam. It is also possible to reform a serial killer. It is however not likely, and certainly not safe to stake your serial-killer prevention strategy on letting the serial killer run free, while you try and talk to him about the virtues of not cutting off people’s heads and wearing their skin.

For over a thousand years Islam has been the serial killer of world civilization, decimating entire cultures and religions, practicing ethnic cleansing, genocide, terrorism and endless war. Islam is currently involved directly or indirectly in conflicts or terrorism on virtually every continent. Modern Islamist movements have fused the modern tools of war from IED’s to Lawfare to Social Media, with ancient fanatical beliefs blended with the leavings of National Socialism and Communism to create a global killing machine.

Now how do you go about reforming something like that?   ….

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