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Marty Cooper, Steve Jobs , Bill Gates, Edison, Bell, Ford,  Tesla, The Wright Bros. Salk, Curie et al.   All these great innovators and inventors have effected just about everyone who lives on this earth; 24 hours a day, every day of every week of every year. ???? ?????    Among them and many more obscure like minded benefactors,  their creative genius has been unparalleled in the annals of civilization. ???? ?????

That is until now!

Just came across this video a few days ago thanks to ‘America’s Digital Goddess’ – Kim Kammando.  It is the most amazing, inspiring and important video ever and I would challenge anyone to dispute this after they see it.

In order to qualify for ‘the most important video of all time’ status, it of course has to deal with the most important subject of all time; the health and mortality of all human beings.  And so it does.

Anyone who loves their life on this earth.  Anyone who feels for the pain and suffering of those who are beyond medical help.  Anyone who has loved someone with all their heart only to have their heart broken when their loved one dies a ‘natural death’ and leaves their world shattered forever.   And all who love and all who have ever loved will be inspired by this video.

The viewing of this video will bring some a rush of excitement.  Some will actually applaud when it ends. ??? 1xbet   And some will sit in awe with just a few tears in their eyes.   Tears of hope, tears of joy, and tears of appreciation and gratitude for a God who would bestow such genius on these mere mortals.

Now sit back and watch as this dawn of a new age in human history unfolds.


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