Back Story & Full Disclosure:  Both of my grandfathers were originally from Syria.  Both became US citizens and raised their families here.

In 1991 I went to the Israel on business and decided to visit Syria, the land of my ancestors.  Originally planned a 3 day visit and ended up staying 3 weeks.  Bar none, they were the most hospitable and caring people I had ever met.  Except for one uncle who I had met in Florida for about 30 minutes, I had never even communicated with anyone there before.  Within an hour of my arrival at 6:00 A. M. in Hums, Syria, over 20 people had come to my uncle’s house to welcome me.

Upon my return from the trip, people would ask me about the trip.  The answer came very easily;  I had been to the ‘Holy Land’ and visited the Great Pyramids of Egypt.  But what had impressed me the most, was the people of Syria. 

I returned in 1994 and married after living there for over 3 months in preparation of the wedding.   Since then we have returned to visit the family numerous times staying at least a month each time. 

So I have experienced Syria first hand since 1991 and seen the unbelievable transformation and progress.  Just one example:  In 1991, out of the 7 families’ homes that I stayed with, there was only one car, 2 TVs and 3 telephones.  Today just about everyone has a phone, a car and a cell phone and the average wage has increased over 100%.

My opinion of Assad regime is based on the input from the Syrians that I have lived and associated with along with my personal experiences within the country.   This letter has been delivered to the Syrian Ambassador in Washington D.C..   Any response will be posted.

Dear President Assad,

As an American witnessing the events in Syria and having lived and married in Syria, I feel compelled to write to you and hopefully express the feelings of not only knowledgeable Americans, but that of all good people around the world who understand the realities of the times we live in.

Syria has a very special place in my heart not just because of my heritage or that I married a Syrian, but because of the experiences that I shared living among the Syrian people on and off since 1991.

To be honest sir, I am not your greatest fan.  Your association with Iran can only culminate in problems for the Syrian people.  But the progress that you have achieved for these people is commendable and it should not be ‘swept under the “rebels” propaganda rug.’

I learned of the actions your father took in Hama and could never understand it, that is until September 11, 2001.  It was then that I bothered to research and ask questions about Hama and the politics of Syria.  Friends and family in Syria all agreed that before the action in Hama, Syria was experiencing death and destruction from the Islamic Jihadists within its borders.  The people lived in fear and were threatened on a daily basis.  After your father took action against the “rebels” that culminated in Hama, Syria became one of the safest countries in the world to live in.   The Jihadists were dealt with the only way they can be.  The Syrian people were grateful to your father and most loved and respected him until the day he died.

Unfortunately, most of the world still does not understand the history surrounding Hama and so it is only natural that they will misunderstand your actions dealing with the “rebels” today in Syria.

This may clear things up for those people who are confused;  Next time you read or hear about the “rebels”, try to remember there were 19 “rebels” on four planes on September 11, 2001.

Because there is such a vast misunderstanding of the events in your country, it is most important now that you utilize your greatest weapon, your Presidential Podium,  to inform those who otherwise find it so easy to accept the “rebels” propaganda.

So it is time for you to inaugurate a new initiative to insure the safety and well being of your people.  You need to step up to that podium on a regular basis and inform the world of the realities of these “rebels” and the dark future that their success will bring to all.

The message can not be delivered effectively in one speech.  It must be delivered on a weekly basis every week until everyone finally understands that Bashar Assad is fighting for the freedom and safety of the Syrian people.  And why not run the video of that giant Syrian flag being marched down the streets of Damascus showing the masses that understand why you are doing what needs to be done for their country.So there it is sir, simple and effective.  The mightiest weapon in any leaders arsenal;  the podium.   Hope we will see you on a regular basis.

One last thing, please permit me.  As an American my loyalty will always be here.  So please do me a personal favor next time you get up to that podium.  You can cite the progress in Syria under your leadership and support it with the facts.  You must then ask the American President to offer up his success for the American people under his leadership.  Tell Mr. Barack Obama that it is he that should step down and return his country to the people..

Thank You

Good Luck and Good Health,

F. William Houraney

West Palm Beach, Florida




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