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In the year of our lord 2012, I am beginning to be ashamed to be a Christian in America.  We are allowing queers, lawyers, atheists and unproductive losers take control of our country and dictate our culture.  We are allowing the great Christian foundation upon which America was built to be decimated by the enemies within, spearheaded by lawyers and courts whose only god is power and money.  And to make it even worse, we are giving a pass to Islam to murder our brothers with impunity and continue on their stated goal to control of the souls of all people.

For some two thousand years Christians have stood upon their mighty foundation and never blinked when facing the devil’s disciples and their never ending mission to eliminate Jesus Christ from the world stage.  For some two thousand years Christians have sacrificed all including their lives for their belief in their God and His words. 

They founded the greatest nation on earth in His name and with His love and spirit as the inspiration for their unique experiment to give mankind the ultimate garden in which to bloom.  

Today Christian homes and churches are being burnt to the ground; many time with the families in them.  Everyday around the world Christians are being slaughtered by Muslims in the name of Allah.  In America Christianity has been eliminated from our schools and our public square.  And day after day America’s religion (see video) is being decimated by lawyers in black robes at the behest of those who seek to transform America into a secular socialist Sodom and Gamorrah.

The U.S. Capitol Building – Once America’s largest church.  Click Image to Take the video tour.

So what happened to the commitment, the strength, and the resilience of the greatest and most productive religion ever?   

First;  Americans have been brainwashed by the lawyer culture into accepting judges opinions as law.  This is in direct violation of Article-One Section One of the Constitution. 

Second; By banning Christianity from schools and the public square, the  government and the judiciary have violated the First Amendment.  No real fight or even outcry from the American Christians even though they comprise over 85% of the population!..

Third;  There is no real Christian leadership.  The Pope, the highest position of leadership in Christendom, has terrible leadership talents when it comes to organizing his billions of followers to enforce their rightful beliefs on the secularists who so easily diminish them on a daily basis.

Fourth;  The preachers, the local leaders’ all around the world, are missing in action when it comes to using their pulpits and their influence to energize the Christian community to demand their rights from the government and the ‘leadership.’   No organized effort to form a voting block that could overwhelm any secular agenda.  Actually, there are few religious leaders left in America. Instead we have chief-executive-officers who manage a 501 c 3 institution that has meetings on Sunday. In too many cases, Christianity has devolved into an hour’s meeting that is supposed to make you feel good for a week.

Fifth;  The Christian people have become weak and timid.  They have taken the admonition of ‘turn the other cheek’ and perverted it to the point where they have become suicidal in their apathy towards evil such as Islam or anti-Christian coalitions in America.   While Christianity is being demolished right before their eyes, they are afraid to even ‘offend’ anyone with mere words, rather alone sacrifice their lives as their forefathers did for two thousand years.

Just so weak and stupid. The ‘Good Guys’ are just handing our country over to ‘the Bad Guys’ and all they do is blab and complain and ‘turn the cheek’ as ‘The Bad Guys’ devour America!
SHAME on Christians for giving up so easily what so many BRAVE men have died to defend. 

As for me, I’ll speak up for my religion and only vote and endorse those who do the same.  If it means embarassing or offending ANYONE, good – because morally depraved people who wish to deny me of my religion deserve no less.  And if Christians continue to be weak and stupid and apathetic towards the evil that is leading America down this road to oblivion, then maybe it is time to sell our soul to the devil; before we ‘give it away…

In short, if Christians don’t wake up soon, then they can kiss goodbye to God, family and a civilized world.

Here are some very insightful articles on this very subject.  Any Christian should read these and then send them on to his friends, family and his own preacher and ‘spread the word’ in the Christian community. 

The Silence of the Pulpits

Posted by Bill Warner on August 17, 2012   –   …  Actually, there are few religious leaders left in America. Instead we have chief-executive-officers who manage a 501 c 3 institution that has meetings on Sunday. In too many cases, Christianity has devolved into an hour’s meeting that is supposed to make you feel good for a week. …  read more

America: A Christian nation, like it or not

Posted by Eric Rush on August 15, 2012   –   … Contrary to the ramblings of Marxist Islamophile Barack Hussein Obama, America is indeed a fundamentally Christian nation, based on a long and well-developed tradition of Judeo-Christian philosophy, as well as Natural and English Common Law. When it comes to being humane, Christians have proven over time to be the ones who really love and care for others, while leftists merely talk brotherly love, but spew hate with abundant relish. While human beings are far from perfect in their execution of just about everything, the standard of Christ has accounted for 2,000 years of individuals, organizations and – in the case of the United States – nations striving toward good things in His name.  …If you don’t like it, that’s too bad. If you don’t believe it, that’s fine – but attempting to convince 300 million Americans it’s not true is a deception that cannot be allowed to stand. read more

Christians! Silence is Not an Option

Posted on August 12, 2012 by The Godfather     –    Speaking of chicken: In recent years there’s been an epidemic of cultural inaction exhibited by far too many ministers of the gospel. It’s fear-based. “Oh, I don’t talk about political issues,” they say. “You know, ‘separation of Church and State’ and all that.” Baloney. …If this is you – and only you and our Lord know for sure – you’ve been deceived by the enemies of God. You’ve chosen the easy way out – the path of least resistance. This is something Christ, whom all Christians are called to emulate, never did – not once….So, respectfully, man-up, Padre! Be the “salt and light of the world,” as Christ so admonished. …  read more

The sad, sad lack of solidarity among Christians

A recent study shows that 105,000 Christians are killed every year because of their faith. In other words, every five minutes a Christian is killed because he or she is Christian.  …It is shocking to see how little Christians do about it. …When one turns the other cheek, one needs also to turn the head and thereby look the other way. Looking the other way may not be harmful for oneself, if one lives in a safe setting. But letting people in need down — even fellow Christians — is embarrassing and cowardly, and it makes Christianity look useless in situations where things are less rosy. …The sad, sad lack of solidarity among Christians must come to an end, even if taking a stand involves personal risk or going public offends those who want to harm you. …  read more

I go to church, the minister preaches, I go home. That’s what Christians do now.

Originally published in the August 1999 issue of AFA Journal   –   In 1973 the Supreme Court said it was OK to kill unborn babies. Since then, we have killed more than the entire population of Canada. And it continues. A woman’s choice?  Half of those who have died in their mothers’ wombs have been women. They didn’t have a choice. It is called abortion. …Me? I go to church, the minister preaches, I go home. That’s what Christians do now.  …  read more

U.S. Indifference to the Muslim War on Christians


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