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There’s an old saying that defines stupidity in a very subtle way;

What, were you born yesterday?

When it comes to Islam very few in this world are over a day old.  It is as the 1400 year history of Islam was never recorded.  It is as if 9/11 never happened.  It is as if the 200 children slaughtered in their Russian schoolroom never happened.   It is as if the Israeli family including a 3 month old baby never had their throats cut while they slept.  Everyday of every week we read about the atrocities by Muslims in the name of ‘Allah’ yet they are completely ignored.   It is as if the 19,000 plus attacks by Islam all over the world since 9/11/2001 never happened.    Indeed, when it comes to Islam,  it is as if most of the world ‘were born yesterday.’

And so it continues with Syria.  Yea, Bashad Assad  is a dictator.   But ANYONE who has ANY knowledge of Muslim countries and history KNOWS that you either have a dictator who reigns in the Islamists, (ie Saddam, The Shah, Mubarak, Kadafi, etc) or you have an Islamic theocracy as we see now in Iran and Egypt and soon to be in Libya and Iraq.

The people in Syria have more freedom than any other Muslim country.  Christians and Jews live without fear and even have positions in the government.  Just like in Iraq, that is until Saddam was ousted.  Now ask the Christians in Iraq, if you can find any , how it is with the new ‘freedom’ that was made possible by America and their ‘born yesterday’ allies. 

It is beyond stupidity how the West is viewing the Syrian uprising.  I mean there’s Iran, Egypt and Libya to illustrate how the Islamic theocracy takes control and all freedom is then eliminated and replaced with Sharia law.    Case closed; those events happened before ‘yesterday.’

And just one more thing.  Why is there this uproar about going to the aid of the ‘rebels’ in all these countries??   These are civil wars.  These are part of the citizens rising up against the existing government.   Does anyone out there expect  the existing government to just hand over their country to rebels without a fight?   What if a group of patriots stormed the White House with guns and rockets and demanded The President step down?  And then they started shooting and killing all people, including their families, that supported The President.  Any questions?

Wait, there is one more question. There were over 600,000 killed in America’s Civil War.  Where were all the countries coming to help the ‘rebels’ get their freedom from that “terrible anti-American” leader Abraham Lincoln?

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