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After reading the post below, I just had to comment on this ‘issue’ of marriage.  The post is by Gary DeMar over at Godfather Politics and as usual Mr. DeMar is right on the money. 

The point here is that the problem in this ‘debate’ is the very same one that has ‘permitted’ the cultural demise of America since Clinton’s adulterous and debased actions in The Oval Office with a young intern were redefined for public consumption as a ‘personal matter.’

Here’s The Bottom Line on why ‘The Good Guys’ are losing our culture and our country.  There are of course those who understand the rules of engagement that the ‘enemy’ uses and are experienced soldiers in the war.  But to all of those other ‘Good Guys’ I pray that you will be maybe even insulted or offended by this because your anger could be the first step in joining in this war against those who want to “…fundamentally change The United States of America.”

Dear Good Guys,

As soon as you allow the opposition to dictate the terminology and language of any debate, you lose it and rarely can you regain your rightful stand.

And like abortion where ‘you’ allowed the proponents of baby killing to be addressed as ‘pro choice’ instead of what they really are, pro death, you lost.  And if 55 million dead babies isn’t enough to convince you about this than nothing will.

And so too have you allowed an issue to be made about marriage when in fact and history, there can be no issue about it!   And to really insure that your opposition wins this debate too, you have once again allowed them to dictate the terminology and language of this ‘issue.’   ‘They’ are not ‘gay.’  Like in the 1890s, I, my kids and most of the time my wife is gay!  

 If we allow any person or group to redefine our words and language for their own purposes, then we forfeit any credibility to any words and the result is chaos, which we are now experiencing with the ‘issues of the day’. 

So ‘good guys’ in the name of ‘tolerance, respect and civility’, you are losing your culture and your country to those who have no tolerance or respect or civility when it comes to what they want – and society be damned.

I’m not the ‘sharpest tool in the shed’  but I gotta tell you that your stupidity in these matters makes me not only feel like a genius among morons, but I’m embarrassed to be part of your team.

Don’t kill the messenger…

With Little Respect & Much Love

F. William Houraney


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