On 9/11/2001 Flight 90 was taken down by passengers hailed as heroes before it hit the Capitol. Thousands died and families were devastated by 9/11, but the politicians and their families were never affected.   I wonder if flight 90 hit the capitol how different the USA would be today.

Has anyone noticed that no matter what happens or how many innocent people in the USA or around the world die, no AMERICAN Politician or their families are ever affected. Nothing even affects their pocketbooks!!  In fact their pocketbooks get bigger.

Everyday soldiers die and lose their limbs all round the world due to orders given by these politicians and the commander in chiefs. No soldiers are killed or harmed PROTECTING AMERICANS in the USA.

Who from the Federal Government was held accountable, demoted, reprimanded, fired etc, for 9/11? 

19 Muslim Islamic Arabs Terrorist buying 19 airplane tickets for about $150 each, took down the SUPER POWER!!!   Not one Congressman, Senator or anyone in the White House was INDIVIDAULLY affected.

Benghazi was the proof of how politicians at any level will lie and deceive at any cost to keep their job and get reelected. Our President and Commander in Chief along with the head of our State Department, stood with the DEAD MILITARY SOLDIERS BODIES next to them and lied to their families. 

Benghazi Bodies2
The Federal government helped oust president Mubarak in Egypt, who had an agreement with the Israelis’ and left the Christians alone. Now under the new Egyptian government the Israelis’ are in great danger.  Christians are being killed by the millions.  Many Christian Churches are being burned.

Every Saturday and Sunday, Christians, Jews and others go to their place of worship. They learn all

Because religious organizations are a Non-Profit, they are not allowed to say a word or influence anyone about the Federal Government or any political situation. They are not allowed to work together and support getting REAL CHRISTIANS, JEWS OR EVEN PEOPLE WHO REFLECT THEIR BELIEFS, etc in GOVERNMENT.

Put down the Islamic terrorist all you want but give the devil his due;
They are willing to die for their GOD!  WHAT ABOUT AMERICANS????

Americans are only allowed to die in order to protect their corrupt, selfish, immoral, greedy Federal Government and keep the Federal Government the Worlds Super Power, so the lawyer/leaders in the government can get richer.  Military Family Military coffins

If the military were really being sent out by our Federal Government to protect its PEOPLE and PROPERTY, as required by the constitution, then they would be on the borders and in the AIR over this COUNTRY!

How many military people died protecting Americans on 9/11?

The poor brave military service people are being mislead and abused by its own leaders just like the Americans Citizens are.

 We are in the greatest information age ever, yet the average American is more misinformed and brainwashed than ever.

Now to all you Religious Americans who go to church, synagogue, pray to GOD when something bad happens etc.  If you have the stomach and are not afraid of the truth; then watch this video  and tell me how proud you are of your lawyer run Government and Courts that have mandated this slaughter of our most precious and innocent Americans?  How do you think your GOD feels about all that is happening?  Better yet; How do YOU feel about all this?

Is it really the Federal Governments fault?  The answer is NO.  The Federal Government is a system and structure defined by our Constitution.  A Constitution founded on Judeo-Christian principles.

It is the lawyer oligarchy that currently runs America and disregards and/or interprets this constitution as and when they like.   And this inept and disoriented double talking narcissists are blindly elected by the American people to represent them!  Are these failed lawyers/leaders a reflection of you and what your GOD teaches you?  Are you aware of what embodies the mind and character of the lawyer class that you have chosen?

Are you willing to DIE for your beliefs and your GOD?  The Muslims are?
onenation under God





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