‘Seven Reasons Why Black People Have No Honor’

….The bottom line here is that this guy is ‘the bottom line’ when it comes to brutal honesty.  He’s always controversial for sure.  And he never shys away from reality and the brutal honesty it sometimes takes to expose it in this PC world that evil has constructed.  But this clip I came across cements his title.


His name is Dr. James David Manning, the notoriously controversial chief pastor at the ATLAH World Missionary Church in New York City.  We introduced him here a few weeks ago in a video he delivered to his congregation; ‘Your Black Eyes.‘  And I thought that was as brutal as it gets, boy was I wrong!

In this clip he lists ‘seven reasons why blacks have no honor.’  The first thing I thought of after watching it was Nicholson’s famous line from the movie ‘A Few Good Men’;

I agree with Dr. Manning’s thesis here but with a caveat.  Like any other generalization it does have exceptions.  Of course a few come to mind like MLK and Col. Alan West and Dr. Manning himself.  But there are too many exceptions here to validate his thesis unless the title is made more specific.

In order to encompass those who Dr. Manning’s thesis is directed at, he needs to be more specific about the group it is aimed at.  Like any other group, the ‘black people’ he is referring to is too general a description and thus makes it easy to ‘pick holes’ in an otherwise important and constructive thesis.

It may be more sound to title his thesis; The seven reasons why ‘Black Americans’ have no honor as opposed to just ‘black people.’    This may be just semantics to some, but there is a very big difference between ‘black’ Americans and just Americans.  Between Asian Americans and Americans.  Between Spanish Americans and Americans.  Between White Americans and Americans, etc. etc.  When a group is designated by it’s skin color or ethnicity first and foremost, this is fodder for those who wish to divide and conquer in this country.  And for those who don’t have the same objective, they ‘feed the fire’ when they go along with these purposely constructed divisions within the body politic.  This is one reason why ‘the good guys’ are constantly losing ground and the culture and government is being deconstructed here in America.

We are all Americans and so we should always be addressed as such!  I am not a Syrian American I am an American with Syrian ancestry.  I am not a white American I am an American with light skin.

I am colored just like you and everyone else. Soon as we all start paying attention we’ll realize everyone is a colored person and we can end the ignorant bullshit.  (about)


And so it is with those who think or identify themselves as black before they are American.  These are the people that Dr. Manning’s thesis can serve to awaken with this brutal honesty.

The group of Americans with dark skin are honorable.  It is the ‘Black Americans’ that are the subject of this video.  Here’s Dr. Manning.

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