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022Like many I am considered a ‘baby boomer.’  (Born between the years 1946 and 1964)   And like every generation before we produced some ‘not so good’ Presidents.  But unlike all others, my generation will be remembered, among other things, for the 2 men who disgraced the Office of The President like no other.

Baby BoomerssThe first will be Mr. Bill Clinton.  Many think he was such a good President because the economy was so good.  Never mind that Reagan had ended the cold war and that Bill Gates & Steve Jobs et al were responsible for ‘technology boom’;  the greatest economic boom since the industrial revolution.   And never mind that Clinton was held at bay and had to submit to the economic policies of a Republican/conservative Congress.   But for those who can not see past the latest sound bite and liberal propaganda, Clinton was ‘the man.’   Of course when history is written by honest people in the future, they will note the realities and especially the world notoriety of how William Clinton disgraced the Office and the country with his predatory sex craving with a young intern in The White House; just one floor beneath his wife and daughter’s home.

Clinton_ScandalIt is ironic that the second baby boomer to disgrace the Office of The President did so in just about every way except the way Clinton did.  When all is written about the First UN-American Muslim President Barack Hussein Obama, the only notably positive characteristic may well be that he was a good family man.  (So far anyway…)


It’s obvious to most that the media protects Obama no matter what he does.  This is yet another disgrace for baby boomers being that most of the media are in that generation.   This is a subject in and of itself and for another day.


But for now, it is still amazes me how the media and the liberals just conveniently forget the disgrace brought upon the nation by Clinton’s despicable actions.   It’s like it never happened.  (Similar to how Chappaquiddick seemed to just vanish from the public discourse around Ted Kennedy…)

Enter Mr. Rand Paul. U.S.Senator and one of the few hopes for our country that actually holds political office.  (Of course it has nothing to do with the fact that Rand Paul is a Doctor by profession NOT a Lawyer! )

GLOOG-LogoSenator Paul minces no words when asked about Clinton.

Rand Paul: Bill Clinton Is a Sexual Predator

Posted on January 26, 2014 by Oliver Darcy

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) accused former President Bill Clinton of “predatory behavior” Sunday in an interview on “Meet the Press.”

“I think, really, the media seems to have given President Clinton a pass on this,” Paul said. “He took advantage of a girl that was 20-years-old and an intern in his office.”

“There is no excuse for that and that is predatory behavior and … we shouldn’t want to associate with people who would take advantage of a young girl in his office,” he continued. “This isn’t having an affair … someone who takes advantage of a young girl in their office.” …

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