–  The Bottom Line  –

Talk about income inequality!   Thank God that He made most of us ‘humans’ capable of understanding and accepting the injustices that fill the world we live in.  Of course the list is endless and there are some injustices that just make you want to say : “What God?”

The following ‘injustice’ is not really a big one.  In fact it’s probably more of an ‘unfair’ or ‘damn’ than it is an ‘injustice.’   Don’t know whether to say it’s entertaining, or sad, or pathetic or just  downright bullshit!

The two cars below have been purchased by 2 different people.  One of them is mine and the other’s name is withheld.  I am not proud to say that it is very easy to guess which one is mine!   Anyway I thank God that I can find some humor in this when in fact I’m so close to crying….

We’ll start off with a video that’s very exciting and then we’ll come down to earth with the reality ….

2014 Lamboghini Veneno


Keep the Faith & Keep Dreaming cause when you stop – you die.


And Remember:  There’s Always The Lotto…




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