America’s Legacy?

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 No one knows how long we have as a nation and as a people to enjoy our blessing known as America.  Of course nothing lasts forever but the bottom line question is ‘how long do we have? ????? ????? ??? ???? ’, especially considering how fast America’s Oligarchy is destroying the culture, the economy and the pride and spirit of America.


Supreme Court-Playing God

No matter what happens, America’s legacy will be unequaled when they write the final chapter.   Off the top of my head a few distinctions come to mind:

The Greatest Nation – EVER! – The Greatest Military – EVER! – The Most Innovative Nation – EVER! –  The Most Compassionate Nation – EVER! – The Most Productive Nation – EVER! – The World’s Most Popular Nation – EVER! – The Most Christian Nation – EVER!

I pray that I’m wrong on this but it is the last distinction, The Most Christian Nation – EVER, that may be the nation’s downfall and will define it’s final legacy that will supersede all the rest.

It is indeed very hard to accept this, especially given the reality of all the other distinctions.   How ironic, the same Christian ethic that was the foundation upon which America’s greatness was built may also be what destroys it…   The only explanation possibly is that “Too much of anything is no good!”

In this case, America’s Christian ethics and the compassion and understanding that are an integral part of them, were allowed to get so ‘out of hand’ that the people were unaware of the impending doom that was seeded and nourished by their compassion, understanding and generosity.  Be it their desire to help the ‘poor’ with the welfare state, unemployment benefits, food stamps (‘giving them a fish instead of teaching them how to fish’)  etc, or their suicidal acceptance of Islam as a ‘religion’ even in the face of Islam’s daily atrocities, proclaimed mission, historical record and the deaths of thousands of Americans on 9/11, Beirut, Benghazi, and too many others to mention here. 

This ignorance of reality and denial of evil can be labeled no less than ‘Suicidal Compassion!

And the roots of this can be found in the Bible, which surely inspirational and the ultimate guide for man and a civilized world, unfortunately too many take it literally in certain places that are more rhetorical than literal:

‘But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you’ – Matthew 5:44 – King James Version

Christians and indeed all good people would be better served with a simple saying by Sun Tzu in his book The Art of War:

“Know thy enemy”

In order to be be understanding and accommodating to all, Americans have traded their principles and their courage of convictions for a PC controlled culture and a lawyer controlled government that is dismantling America before their very eyes.   And even though they have the power and the numbers to change the course, they have become weak and comfortable with their misguided effort to ‘understand’ and to give the benefit of the doubt to all, even those that swear to annihilate their religion and their country.  And as this is happening they remain silent, seemingly waiting for the impending doom…

One_Nation_Under_GodThis is and has always been a Christian country.  No matter what the godless people and the Muslim President says. ???? ???   The facts are the facts and the history is documented.  So why Christian America puts up with their country and religion being decimated by a very small minority is beyond understanding. ??????888    The Founding Fathers who went to war against England, the world’s strongest nation, are surely turning in their graves.

The answer.  Americans need to wake up, man up and indeed be ‘not too Christian’ when dealing with the evil that is hell bent on destroying them.   God surely did bless this country.  And He will be there for us if and when we decide to fight for Him.  But as we’ve all come to understand and as Ben Franklin once said;

ben Franklin

 Wake Up America


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