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Many posts here have been dedicated to waking up the silent Christian community.  God knows that we are fast approaching the time where we will not be able to save our country from the evil minorities that are hell bent on destroying all semblance of our Judeo-Christian culture.

Just happened that my pastor, Father Tadros visited us last night.  As usual I gave him my bottom line on what was wrong with the Church!  ( This man has to be ‘of God’ to visit & put up with me!)   The main topic was about how evil has such a great and effective propaganda machine  and that, along with the silence of the Church, is why they are turning our culture and our country upside down.    He’s always receptive and so I gave him a copy of the book The Marketing of Evil.

The next day I read a post about yet another disgrace to our culture by Disney:

Disney drops Florida Boy Scouts council – Continued ban on adult ‘gays’ costs organization grant funding


Disney ‘Gay Days’, homosexual ‘weddings’ etc.   Very frustrating to read how America’s preeminent family attraction has been invaded and conquered by the homosexual fascists who have zero regard for our children and the American family.   I told my wife and she said that The Church sponsored two trips to Disney World every year!   Well that would mean that The Church is inadvertently supporting a company that disrespects American and Family values.

So I thought maybe it would be productive to try to do something about Disney’s continuing disrespect by letting Father Tadros know about The Church’s ‘contribution’ to the anti-family/sinful doctrine that Disney is endorsing.

Here’s the letter.  Will get back to you on rather or not any action was taken.

Dear Fr. Tadros,
I was telling Raeda about the latest Disney insult to Christianity & she said that the Coptic Church
goes to Disney World each year.

For What It’s worth:
– Disney actually produces a ‘Gay Day’ each summer and invites the homosexual community to openly
visit and feel free to ‘express themselves even though there are children and Christians there that are mortified!
– Just recently the Disney channel featured a lesbian ‘family’ on one of it’s children’s shows!
(My children are no longer allowed to watch any Disney Channel shows – and they agree!)
– Disney has now dropped support for the Boy Scouts (which was a Christian organization BUT who now allows
homosexual boys to join!) because the Boy Scouts will not [yet]  permit homosexual leaders as Chapter Leaders!

Shame on Disney. They are ‘slapping the face’ of the Christian Community and 98% of their customer base in order to satisfy the homosexual fascists that, unlike the Christian community, speak loudly until they get what they want…
But Disney and others will keep bowing to this perverted ‘squeaky wheel’ until Christians speak up and start to put a dent in their wallet.
Raeda and I agree that The Church has the opportunity to show it’s people, and indeed all Christians and Americans that it
will not stand by as their rights and beliefs are decimated by an evil minority  – no matter what form it comes in.

We hope you will do what you can do and pass this on to Bishop Joseph for consideration:
The Church should cancel it’s trips to Disney and formally notify them and THE MEDIA that The Church will not stand idly
by to such a flagrant disregard of it’s parishioners, it’s children and to common decency.  –
There are plenty of great attractions in Florida that indeed respect their customers…

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help.
Love and Respect
Bill & Raeda




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