DOJ: 1870 – 2008  – United States Department of Justice   /   2008 – present – United States Department of Jihad

DOJ –  The Bottom Line  –

Say it slowly and all together now ignorant and naive voters:  ‘ BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA ‘   Now say this one ‘ SADAM HUSSEIN ‘.   And finally, and very slowly, all say ‘ OSAMA BIN LADEN ‘   Anyone notice any common theme here?  Let’s be real PC Americans and not pass judgement on anyone of them.  So let’s just say that yes, they are all MUSLIM names! ???? 365 ?????

 Obama Promises

Hopefully now everyone can understand the now obvious very simple explanation for this headline:

Philly: DOJ sues school district for bearded Muslim

Posted on March 7, 2014 by creeping

The U.S. Department of Justice has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the School District of Philadelphia, claiming a rule regulating the length of employees’ beards constitutes religious discrimination. …

“No employee should be forced to violate his religious beliefs in order to earn a living,” Spencer Lewis Jr., district director of the EEOC’s Philadelphia District Office, said in a statement. “Modifying a dress or grooming code is a reasonable accommodation that enables employees to keep working without posing an undue hardship on the employer.”

Except when it means serving cakes to homosexuals or being forced to use your earnings to pay for abortions and birth control. Then it’s ok to violate religious beliefs. ??? ???? ????? ?? ????????


Not the first time the DOJ has sued to force sharia law on American institutions.


United States Department of Jihad!

  Christopher Logan

In an unprecedented move ushered in by executive order, “President” Obama has created a new branch of government. It is also now America’s most powerful governmental branch, entitled the “United States Department of Jihad”. Which is a combination of the Presidential Cabinet, the Department of Justice, and Homeland Security. ????? ?????? The leaders of this new Islam defending anti-American agency are the following:


The men above compromise the strategic movement to help Islam destroy our great country from within. Obama has made his feelings on Islam very clear, including the disturbing sound of the Islamic call to prayer saying it is:  “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth.”.

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