–  The Bottom Line  –

As I’ve said many times before, there is not any person, bar none, that I am in awe of more than our military.  It’s not even a mental thing, it’s an emotional reaction that for whatever reason resides deep down inside me.  I’ve been around famous singers, movie stars and even Presidents,  but none of them evoked the sense of awe that I have when standing in the presence of one of our soldiers.  The talents and titles of the rich and famous pale in comparison to the dedication and sacrifice that our soldiers commit for us all.  And for a salary that’s too embarrassing to even talk about…

Military - Jesus

That being said, it’s time for some ‘tough love.’  Any soldier, and especially the Officers, who has not threatened to strike or quit the military is a sucker.   Our soldiers take an oath to defend our country and Constitution.  By serving under Barack Hussein Obama they are breaking that oath, and that’s the least of it.   They are also dying and losing limbs over wars that can not be won because the enemy remains unnamed, the objective remains unknown and our soldiers have to fight under suicidal rules.

The list of treasonous actions by Obama is growing daily.  There’s numerous articles outlining the overwhelming evidence. read more…

His acts of treason along with the ongoing attempt to bankrupt America, both financially and morally, along with the suicidal rules of engagement he has mandated on our soldiers that give the advantage to the Muslim enemies,  is more than enough reason for all of our military to demand his replacement or they will quit.  Which by the way Obama would like more than anything because it would leave America vulnerable to his real loyalty and our enemy.


But if the soldiers were to call for his ouster or they would step down, the American people would back our men overwhelmingly and he would be impeached.

God Bless our guys and gals in the military.  Your dedication and bravery is beyond question.  It’s now time to defend your country with a new passion on a new front.  In a battle that defines and symbolizes what you what you swore to fight for.   A battle that can be won without casualties in a war right here on our soil against the most dangerous enemy of all.



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