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With the kidnapping of over 200 girls and the name of Boko Haram all over the news, once again I’m fed up with naming these ‘terrorist’ groups.  I mean who can remember them all?  So let’s do what we do best here, let’s get right to the bottom line.

In order to prove the point and not just pontificate about it we will go right to the U.S. Department of State’s  list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations.  Take a quick look.  Any thing there seem so obvious that it almost screams at you!

The common denominator here is of course Islam.  Over 90% of all these groups are Muslims.  And the others are pretty much inactive or gone from the world stage.   Everyday in every part of the world there is an atrocity by Muslim, a terrorist Islamic act.

It is beyond my comprehension why 98% of everyone everywhere calls them acts by ‘terrorists’ or the war on ‘terror.’ Germany and Japan wreaked terror on the world and we had to go to war. We declared war on Germany and Japan. Anyone hear Wilson or FDR declare war on ‘terror’? – Terrorism & The Common Denominator

So here we go again for the umpteenth time.   Another Islamist act, straight out of ‘The Book’ aka The Koran,  and the world refuses to call it what it is.

Here’s Bill Warner, Director, Center for the Study of Political Islam explaining it very clearly for all who are still confused.

Every Mohammedan is Boko Haram
There is only one Islam, the Islam of Mohammed and Allah.

This is Islam

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